How to Dress In the Provence Style

Provence is a casual and relaxed part of France and the French Provence style creates a feel of calmness and countryside romance. Provence style preserves its uniqueness and unless you are specifically invited to something formal, what to wear is pretty easy. So, if you’re planning a trip to Provence, keep that casual attitude in mind to get this fashion style right.

strappy sandals with off shoulder maxidress

shawl with classic outfit chic sunglasses with breezy outfit breezy provence outfit

Whether they’re gladiators, strappy, lace-up or just plain thongs, sandals are all the rage in the south of France. Heels are usually for special occasions and usually stay at home when you’re on a tour. So be comfortable with chic sandals as well as ballet flats, espadrilles, flip flops for a relaxed, Southern style. Rattan or other weaved bags are great alternatives to structured bags that will give you a relaxed and casual feel. It goes without saying that the south of France is a sunny place. So, also include chic sunglasses and a sunhat to protect your face against the sun while a shawl or scarf when the temperature drops. In warmer times, the foulard, a lighter and thinner version, is tied artfully around necks or paired with everything from shirts to breezy dresses.

gingham dress floral dress polka dots shirt with skinny pants red checkered dress striped skirt with button down shirt

Prints and patterns in the Provence style are generally not very big. They can be presented by classic prints like stripes, ginghams, plaids, polka dots, or other romantic options like floral. Better skip those funky, busy, and quirky prints that may take away the chic and relaxed feel on you. Be creative wearing these prints and pattern mixing is not a stylish idea on Provence style so better save it for a more artistic style.

off shoulder blouse wtih jeans ruffled blouse with flowy skirtstriped top with flowy skirtsummer dress

Relaxed and breezy are the following markers of the French Provence style. You may start with the natural options with a soft and smooth feel like chiffon, knitwear, fur pieces and such. Lace is another frequently used texture simple or sophisticated variants. Ruffled and draped options are great too. You may keep your style cool by keeping it cotton like light cotton t-shirts, blouses, dresses as well as cool, wispy, off-the-shoulder styles and oversized are just right.

cobalt blue dress lace dress with knee high boots off shoulder top with flowy skirt red dress with lace up sandals white feminine dress

Talking about the color palette of Provence style, we should note that it needs to be as gentle as possible. Though you may wear classic shades like red and cobalt blue, shades generally have some hints of grey on them as well as neutrals like black, white, brown, beige, and tan are the best. The bright and blinding shades are totally excluded from these looks as the combinations are inclined to be soothing and pleasant, without any catchy contrasts, and generally preserved within the different tones of the same shade.

blazer with floral dress blazer with neutral outfit cardigan with black outfit casual cool outfit with cute hat pastel outfit with cute shoes trench coat with casual outfit

When dressing for a relaxed and casual look, “less is more” is the trick. Though breezy dresses and combos with skirts are the variants of casual looks, pieces like jeans or dressy shorts may take the look towards casual style. The proportions of designs like drapes and layers are one of the most descriptive aspects of this style. But, despite of the textured and multi-layered looks, keep your looks feminine elegant. For mid-season traveling, you may add some outerwear like trench coats, cardigan, blazers that still make you look chic but comfortable. Comfort doesn’t mean you won’t look fabulous, but it’s a priority while keeping your looks stylish and chic.

Indeed, comfort is great with style. So, be fabulous, relaxed, and chic while enjoying your tour in the Provence.


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