How to Dress for Work in the Colder Months with Mary Orton

When the colder season arrives, it’s a bit challenging to layer in a non-bulky and professional way just to keep you warm and cozy on your office looks. Since women aren’t restricted to a suit-and-tie uniform, you should take advantage of the opportunity to infuse some serious style into your professional wardrobes. Mind behind the Memorandum blog, Mary Orton is a style blogger known for her stylish yet office-appropriate looks that might inspire you to dress up even in the colder months. So, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Resort to heavier fabrics appropriate for the colder months.

chic tweed dress with office pumps

turtleneck top with leather dress cozy pencil dress with office shoes

Fashion doesn’t have to be everyone’s “thing” but when it affects your reputation negatively, it’s time to step it up a bit. When the colder months come, skip those sheer, lightweight, and breezy ensembles and resort to sturdier and heavier fabrics. Like Mary, you may opt for a sheath tweed dress that will look professional with a pair of black pumps, or a turtleneck top teamed with a cozy pencil dress. Leather may keep you warm, but depending on your office environment and leather ensemble, you can wear it to the work like Mary did teaming her leather dress with a turtleneck top.

Layer like a pro.

layered office outfit with structured coat winter office outfit with leather gloves red sweater dress with leather vest

Wearing your basic ensembles with layers can be great to extend your wardrobe strategically. Like Mary, think of wearing your leather vest with a red knitted dress, or your button-down shirt with a sweater and structured coat while still making your style office appropriate.

Opt for stylish and functional cold weather accessories.

pleated pants with turtleneck sweater and orange bag yellow leather gloves with pink scarf and office outfit silk scarf with structured blazer and skirt

Beanies, scarves, boots, and leather gloves are just some of the stylish and functional accessories that can serve you in the colder months. If you’re working in a creative field, take advantage of your accessories to add some pop of color to your office outfits. Like Mary, opt for a pink scarf and beanie that will contrast with your yellow leather gloves and navy coat, giving you a creative office look.

Add some polish to your office outfits with coats.

structured coat with tote bag and boots leather gloves with white coat and flared jeans burgundy leather gloves with checkered coat and office outfit

Looking polished and professional will make a huge difference in your ability to be effective and taken seriously at the office. Resort to classy and structured coats that will keep you warm at the same time professional. However, there’s no hard and fast set of rules that apply across all professions. It’s critical to be really thoughtful in evaluating your own office environment to determine what is appropriate for you. Regardless of your particular work environment, heed these tricks from Mary so you’ll be able to look stylish at the same time professional even in the colder months.

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