How to Dress for “Festive Attire”

Festive attire for a party takes a bit of interpretation and extra sartorial attention. More often than not, festive means “cocktail attire”, but doesn’t look too formal like “black-tie” or not too casual as jeans and sweatshirts. So, knowing your party host, venue, and party invitation itself will give us some clues how festive and party-like our outfits will be. Keep on reading for our festive attire guidelines.

  1. Get glamorous with a modern twist.

boycon lace dress with leather jacket

white studded dress with ankle strap sandals tuxedo blazer with fur skirt and ankle strap sandals party outfit with strappy shoes off shoulder lace top with skirt and cowboy belt forest green tights with button down blouse bubbly party dress

If your friend loves to throw over-the-top dinner parties and the invitation was mailed to your address weeks in advance, chances are “Festive Attire” means cocktail attire. Instead of going for flashy sequins and blinding colors, think of classy and sophisticated outfits like a lace dress, tuxedo blazer, fur skirt, chiffon blouse, silk dress, and other classy ensembles especially if your party invitation was letter-pressed, wax-stamped, or written in calligraphy with a gold pen. Remember, the fancier the invite, the fancier the party.

  1. Get your sparkle on.

metallic brocade blazer with boot cut pants and chain belt metallic sweater with fur skirt metallic silver top with leggings metallic shorts with chic blazer metallic party dress metallic green sequin dress metallic gold sequin dress with red pumps

When the party falls in between holidays, an excessive sparkle is both appropriate and encouraged. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of a metallic gold sequin dress and a pair of red stiletto pumps that will keep you chic and glamorous at the party. If you think you’ll be overdressed in that outfit, then simply opt for a metallic brocade blazer or shorts, as well as statement necklaces and earrings, that’s always festive whether the party calls for more cocktail dress or a holiday-inspired dress.

  1. Wear festive colors.

green top with leather jacket and metallic skirt yellow jumpsuit with denim jacket yellow dress with cobalt blue clutch and heels red tube lace dress red skirt with leather jacket neon pumps with purple blazer and cuffed jeans hot pink skirt with leather jacker

If the only thing that comes to mind when you think “Festive Attire” is a little black dress, think again! The festive parties are the perfect time to experiment with bold, richer colors like red, orange, cobalt blue, neon yellow, emerald green, purple and such. If you’re wearing red, nobody can blame you for not trying as it’s quintessentially festive. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may simply team your bright red skirt with a black leather jacket that will create a festive yet edgy vibe for the party.

  1. Select festive prints and patterns.

chevron print dress with ankle strap sandals statement dress with strappy sandals polka dots top with skinny jeans and chain necklace floral dress with fringe sandals denim shorts with printed top

Take your festive looks to the next level with flashy patterns and festive prints. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, opt for a colorful chevron print dress or floral print dress that can be spiced up with a pair of festive sandals. If you think the invitation is a bit casual, go for a festive top like a metallic polka dots button-down shirt with a pair of sleek jeans. Just polish you casual chic outfit with a long chain necklace and a pair of classic pumps like Blair Eadie did.

  1. Pull off some eccentric and unconventional looks.

tweed dress with clogs tribal print robe dress with festive earrings floral embellished dress with purple sandals festive red dress with statement sandals feather coat with sexy top

If you don’t mind being the center of attention, take a risk and go all-in on hilariously festive attire. Unless you’re certain it’s a formal affair, there’s really nothing more fun than confidently wearing a statement dress with feathers, embellishments, quirky details, and such. It’s ok to drop all style rules to have a little fun on the parties. Just make sure to really go for it with no regrets.

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