How to Dress a Pear Shaped Figure

A pear shaped figure is characterized by a lot of things and those include, among others, the hips being the widest point of your silhouette, curves and a defined waist. Many celebrities have a pear shaped silhouette and among the most notable are Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. In a world where most clothes are made to fit a size 0, dressing a pear shaped figure can be challenging but knowing how to do it makes it easier. Here are some tips on how to dress a pear shaped figure to help you create figure flattering looks.

balancing out the top

balanced look for pear shaped ladies

  • CINCH WAIST TO DEFINE CURVES – when wearing something loose like an oversized top or a coat, cinch it by the waist to create a more defined curve. This will give you a sexier silhouette and will add soft structure to your outfit. Using a belt in a contrasting color with your clothes can enhance this effect / illusion even more.

cinched waist cinched waist wrap dress

  • OPT FOR SLEEVES – having sleeves can help create balance in your look. The sleeves draw attention away from the midsection and upwards so that the eye is tricked into seeing a perfectly proportionate silhouette. Don’t be afraid of cap sleeves or billowing sleeves because if anyone can pull those off with no problem, it’s pear-shaped ladies like you.

sleeves and necklace sleeves and layers pear shaped body long necklace

  • AIM FOR SOFT STRUCTURES – that totally rigid and stiff structured jacket isn’t gonna work for your frame but that oversized loose top isn’t going to flatter it either. Pear shaped ladies should aim for soft structures instead so subtle definitions around your natural curves are a must if you want to flatter your figure.

soft structures soft structures outfit soft structured outfit

  • CREATE BALANCE – ladies with pear shaped figures have a smaller / lighter top and a heavier bottom so you should also aim for balance within your look. Add layers to your upper half to balance out wide hips. Add accessories like long and chunky necklaces layered tastefully against your top or pick out pieces that feature embellishments like ruffles and whatnot. And because your hips are the widest part of your figure, creating balance with your lower bottoms is important, too. Go for wide leg pants when you can or be bold and adventurous with a full skirt.

additional embellishment wide leg pants and knit top wide leg pants

Do you have a pear shaped figure? Tell us how you flaunt your body and enhance your silhouette in the comments below! We could always use a tip or two from everyone.



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