How to do the Western Look

The Western look is a pretty iconic look and the most popular term that I’ve come across for this trend is the Cowboy / Cowgirl look. Though this look is a little on the rough and rugged side, there are definitely ways to work around it and make it look more polished and chic. If you’re interested in finding out how to do just that, check out these tips on how to do the western look.

cute turquoise blue boots

western look boots and red necklace

  • JEANS ARE A MUST – whether they’re jeans, jean shorts or a jean jacket, when doing the Western look, you wouldn’t want to be caught without jeans. Leggings and yoga pants are comfy, sure, but they don’t have that (almost) authentic Western look and feel to them. Go for skinny cut or straight cut jeans if you want a more streamlined silhouette.

denim jacket and jeans outfit streamline western look spring cowgirl look

  • PLAY WITH PRINTS – when you think of the cowgirl look or the Western look, I’m pretty sure the plaid print pattern immediately comes to mind and as much as that print pattern is implicative of the look that we’re going for, it’s not really the only print pattern that you can wear. There are lots more of other print patterns that you can wear when doing the Western look like cow prints, stripes or chevron.

denim and plaid western look tribal print

  • FRINGY FROUFROU – think the Western look is too plain and boring? Think again! Fringe is a great way to add texture and frill to any outfit and it is what makes the Western look a lot more fun. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple when wearing fringe so you don’t go over the top and end up with an outfit that has too much going on.

fringy brown boots fringed cardigan western look

  • LEATHER LOVIN’ – you can’t go wrong with leather when you’re playing with the Western look. It’s one of those fabrics that you just immediately think of when you think about recreating the cowgirl look. To give your Western look some chic flare, try wearing colored leather instead of the usual black / brown. Injecting some color in your look will definitely brighten it up in an instant.

leather accents leather studded and embellished

  • UP THE ANTE ON ACCESSORIES – looking for ways to really give the old Western look a touch of your own personal girly style? Go big and all out on the accessories! Step out in fringy high heeled boots for a sexy cowgirl look and top your outfit off with a nice hat to complete the look. Don’t forget to throw in some bold jewelry pieces in there, too, to add that nice sophisticated twist to your look.

accessorized cowgirl look accessorized chic cowgirl look

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