How to Do the Utilitarian Chic Trend

One of the trickiest upcoming trends that we’re seeing for fall and winter is the utilitarian chic trend. It has various elements to it that make it something not all women would want to try out immediately. The utilitarian chic look has the perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing and functional and between being girly enough for it to look chic and boyish enough so it remains simple. When you hear the word ‘utilitarian chic’ what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Mine is New York. I feel like New Yorkers among others have mastered the utilitarian chic look. If you want to know more about this trend, check out these tips on how to do the utilitarian chic trend.

  • START WITH THE RIGHT COLOR PALETTE – the utilitarian chic look does not call for bright and loud colors but rather dark and muted ones. If you plan on sporting this look, remember to pick out clothes that come in colors like military / olive green, black, gray, white, and some brown. Prints are okay as long as they’ll blend in with the look well. Stripes and camouflage are just some of the best prints to work with for the utilitarian chic look.

camo and jeans

solid black with military vest

  • WEAR A WHITE SHIRT – a white shirt is something I know everyone has in their closets. It can be used on its own for a really simple and basic outfit or as a layering piece for the colder days. It can also be used to achieve a number of different styles and looks and one of those is the utilitarian chic look. Pair up your white shirt with a simple skirt or with comfy but warm pants. You can also wear it underneath a parka, with a coat or jacket and other pieces.

long cardigan and white top

  • SLIP INTO A SLEEVELESS SHIFT DRESS – to get that utilitarian look, choose a shift dress that features a clean and straight silhouette. Having it in a dark or muted color will also help you get more of the utilitarian vibe. Pick a shift dress that’s plain as can be as you will be able to accessorize this later and you wouldn’t want to go over the top once you get to the accessorizing part.

utilitarian shift dress

  • JUMP INTO A JUMPSUIT – but not the extra slinky and sexy kind. If you’re planning on wearing a jumpsuit for your utilitarian chic look, pick one that has a little bit of a covered up and boxy look to it. The jumpsuit is perfect for creating the utilitarian chic look because it’s stylish but ready for action all the time as well.

military green jumpsuit

  • THROW ON A PARKA – a parka jacket is what will give your look that strong military vibe which is quite essential for the utilitarian chic look. You can go full on military-esque with a simple, straight up parka or you can add a little bit of fun and glam to it by choosing a parka jacket with fur trim.

cute parka stylecute parka

  • CHOOSE YOUR SHOES – your shoes are what will complete your look. It’s the part that has a final say on whether your look leans more towards the utilitarian side or the chic side. If you want to go for a more utilitarian look, go with heavy boots and sneakers. If you want to keep it girly and chic, finish off your outfit with heels.parka and punk rock boots


green jacket striped top

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