How to Do the Preppy Look in Summer

The preppy look is a popular look that many fashionistas channel in the fall and winter seasons and that is because this specific style thrives on layering and that’s just so much easier to do when the weather is cold and you want to warm up. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your preppy style in the warmer months of spring and summer as well. Here are some awesome tips and ideas on how to do the preppy look in summer without sacrificing comfort or style.

  • CHOOSE COLLARED SHIRTS – collared shirts are quintessential in any preppy girl’s wardrobe so if you’re aiming for the look, opt for these instead of the regular tee. During the colder months, it would be ideal to layer this underneath a cardigan or a jumper and pop the collar out but for summer, it does well on its own too.

collared bright pink top

collared top and shorts

  • LAYER WITH LIGHT FABRICS – if you feel like your preppy ensemble just isn’t complete without the least bit of layering happening somewhere, go ahead and do it but make sure to layer using light fabrics only so you can keep your outfit stylish and comfy at the same time. You can use vests and light cardigans instead of full on jackets for easier layering on really warm days.

light layers preppy outfit light layers for summer

  • STRIPES ARE A MUST – if there’s on print design / pattern you wouldn’t want to miss when doing the preppy look, it’s the stripes. Stripes never fail to add that preppy vibe to any look and they’re one of summer’s staple prints, too, so you should have no problem rocking them or finding them during this time of the year. Classic horizontal stripes are ideally the way to go but if you want to get experimental then go on ahead and try incorporating different stripes to your preppy summer look.

preppy summer outfit stripes and jeans

  • AND SO ARE GINGHAMS – another must have print pattern for a preppy summer look are gingham prints. Gingham prints are great for adding a pop of color to any look, especially the preppy ones. You can wear these with crisp white pieces for a nice contrast or with other bright colors for a more fun and eccentric look.

gingham dress gingham shorts and crisp white top

  • KEEP IT CRISP – the key to really pulling off the preppy look, be it in summer or any other season, is to keep everything nice and crisp. Preppy is not the look for you if you’re all about slouchy, oversized clothes because achieving the preppy look means you have to make sure everything fits and sits on you nicely.

crisp summer preppy outfit crisp preppy outfit

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