How to Do the Modern Vintage Look

Wearing a vintage inspired look has been one of the many style obsessions we’ve had lately and while the look may seem chic on style icons and fashionistas, it’s no secret that look fabulous in vintage wear in today’s modern times can be quite the challenge. If you’re in love with the vintage look but you want to give it the modern twist that it deserves to be deemed chic in today’s style standards, check out these tips on how to do the modern vintage look.

  1. Do not go full on with vintage pieces – being a vintage lover, getting carried away and putting together an outfit made entirely of vintage pieces is easy but try your hardest to resist it. Going all out on the vintage tends to lead to an outdated look so make sure you inject some modern pieces along with your vintage ones, too.chic outfit with vintage touch
    modern vintage street style look
  2. Tailor if you must – shopping from thrift stores is one of the best ways to score some super chic vintage clothes but you might find that not all of these are going to give you a flattering fir so tailor them if you must. Tailoring your pieces and getting the perfect fit will also give your vintage look a more contemporary vibe.cute modern vintage outfit victorian style top and jeans
  3. Channel the vintage vibe through jewelry – if you feel like wearing vintage but are headed someplace where it might be a tad inappropriate (e.g., the workplace), you can always use accessories as your excuse. Channel the vintage vibe by throwing on some vintage jewelry. It’s a simple and subtle way to mix in a bit of retro to your modern look.white and gray mod dress scallop skirt and statement shirt
  4. Go for the classics – certain combinations from vintage eras remain a favorite today. If you’re trying to create a modern vintage look but you’re not sure how to go about it, your safest bet is to go with the classics like a quarter sleeve top with a suede skirt, an A-line shirt dress with a skinny belt or a slim fit top with high waisted bottoms.gorgeous dress modern vintage suede skirt and stripe top
  5. Turn to vintage prints – if you can’t wrap your head around combining modern and vintage looks together in one outfit just yet and you’re not sure which pieces go with what, you can always start small by incorporating vintage prints to your look like polka dots and shabby chic style florals. These are subtle details that are going to really give your outfit that vintage pop.

modern vintage look polka dot shirt and overalls

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