How to Do the Instagram Makeup Trend

There’s really no better time to be a makeup and beauty lover than now. With countless sources to learn tips, tricks, and hacks from and a seemingly unlimited ocean of products to choose from, being a beauty girl today has never been easier. One makeup and beauty trend that we see a lot these days is what we call “Instagram makeup.” Fierce contour, blinding highlight, mile-long lashes, and brows on fleek — these are just some of the things you’ll notice about Instagram makeup. If you want to know how you can achieve this, check out the tips below.golden glow

sexy messy look

  1. Make the perfect base – a makeup look as gorgeous as those you see on Instagram starts with the perfect base. You’ll want something matte, but not flat. You’ll also need you base to match your skin tone as closely as possible. Look for bases that can act as your “second skin.”brown makeup theme
  2. Get your brows on fleek – next on the list when you want that Instagram makeup look are brows. To get your eyebrows on fleek means to get them looking as perfect as can be. Start by outlining your brows with either brow pencil or brow pomade then fill it in with the remaining product on your brush. Arch your brows higher and get the tail as pointy as you can for full effect the clean up the edges with concealer.instagram makeup for eyeglasses
  3. Wing out your liner – another important step in achieving that Instagram makeup look is to wing out your liner as long and as sharp as you can make it. I would recommend using gel liners for this one as it helps get a nice, sharp, and precise eye winged liner
  4. Choose warm, neutral colors for eye shadow – one thing that I noticed about the Instagram makeup trend is that most of the girls who do it use only warm, neutral colors. There are tons of palettes with great colors for this specific look so start shopping!kylie inspired makeup look
  5. Lash out on lashes – long and thick lashes are integral in nailing that Instagram makeup trend look. If, like me, you weren’t blessed with naturally lush lashes, don’t worry. A pair (or two) of falsies can always do the trick for you.fierce eye makeup
  6. Contour yourself skinny – if you’re going to get on the Instagram makeup bandwagon, you better make sure your contouring game is strong. Fierce, chiseled cheek bones are preferred with this kind of makeup look.heavy full face makeup
  7. Dust yourself with highlight – highlighting is something you can’t skip when doing Instagram makeup. You don’t need a blinding highlight but something strong and noticeable will take your look to new levels.fierce instagram makeup
  8. Dress your lips – well-defined lips are a must with this makeup trend so using a lip liner would be a good idea. Overdrawing seems to be pretty popular, too, though you don’t have to do it if you don’t feel like it. Finish off your look with a matte finish lip color in hues like nude, deep berry or brown.instagram glitter lids makeup



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