How to Do the Denim on Denim Look

The denim on denim trends has been around for quite a while now and if you haven’t already tried it, you’re missing out. It’s a very cool look that’s perfectly wearable all year long. You could say it’s very much like doing a Canadian tux except that it doesn’t strictly have to be a jacket and pants combo. There are so many ways to rock the denim on denim trend and each one is truly gorgeous and fab. If you’re not a big fan of wearing denim tops, you can still rock the look by switching denim with softer and lighter chambray, especially for warmer days in spring and summer. The denim on denim look, also known as the double denim look, is a stylish way to put together an easy, laidback and relaxed casual outfit though you can always dress it up or down a bit to achieve different looks too. Here are some tips on how to do the denim on denim look.

  • Wear different denim washes – to keep your denim and denim outfit from looking monotonous and boring, wear different washes in your top and bottom piece. One piece should be lighter or darker than the other, especially when you’re wearing plain double denims. Doing this will also help make your outfit look more up to date instead of looking really tacky and old fashioned. It’s also good to remember that denims with darker wash make you look slimmer while lighter wash denims can be used to draw attention to your assets.

light and dark wash denim

chic and edgy

  • Summer street style – the Canadian tux is the standard double denim outfit but it can get a tad too warm during summer so why not give the denim on denim trend a more summery feel by pairing a nice denim vest with cute denim shorts? You can wear anything underneath the vest, from a shirt to a tank top to a bandeau – anything you think would make you comfortable rocking the look under the hot summer sun.

street style summer outfit fun and flirty

  • Try a chambray shirt – if you’re not very comfortable with the idea of wearing straight up denim as your top (without anything underneath), feel free to switch it up and wear chambray instead. It’s a whole lot softer than denim (it feels gentler than denim, too) but it gives you the same look.

chambray and shorts ombre denim top

  • Go for colored jeans – if you think the double denim look is too monotonous / monochromatic for your style, you can always add a bit of color to the mix while still wearing denim from head to toe and that is by wearing colored jeans. Colored jeans allow you to make a refreshing and more colorful take on the double denim look and it is perfect for spring and summer when everything is about fun colors.

bright yellow denim maroon denim pants

  • Avoid Western details – while the cow girl look is something definitely worth sporting, it’s not exactly the look you’re going for at the moment so try not to add any Western-themed items like cowboy boots or fringes into your outfit. Pick your denim top and bottom pieces and make sure they’re free of any Western details as well.

plain chambray shirt double denim and leather


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