How to do Country Chic for Fall

The past runway shows have inspired us, more than ever, to take on the classic country chic style and we couldn’t be any more inspirited. Though not totally a new trend, the country chic look is about as homey and as cozy as it gets. With leather and denim being the key fabrics in this look, you’re sure to feel warm and cozy while also looking fabulously chic. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, here are some tips and ideas on how to do country chic for fall.

  • The cowboy hat – forget about the beanies and the bonnets. If you’re going for the Southern belle look, a cowboy hat is a must. This is going to keep you warm just like a bonnet or a beanie and will cover up a bad hair day easily as well. If you think that a cowboy hat on top of your country look is a bit too much, you can substitute it with something more ‘urban’ like a wide-brimmed hat or a fedora.

black cowboy hat

white cowboy hat kate middleton urban cross country look

  • Cheeky checks – if there’s one print pattern you shouldn’t be without when doing the country chic look, it’s the checkered print. Gingham is one of the most popular checkered patterns and though this print is very reminiscent of summer picnics, there are lots of ways that you can make it work for you and your fall wardrobe. Click here for great tips on how to wear gingham with style. You can wear other kinds of checkered patterns too such as plaid and tartan.

checkered skirt checkered open top

  • Choose earthy colors – the country chic look utilizes mostly earthy colors like brown, gray and some black so if you’re looking to create this look, make sure to use plenty of these hues. Of course, you’re more than welcome to add in a pop of color or two as long as they’re anchored down to these earthy neutrals.

cozy country fall look fringed cardigan outfit denim shirt country look

  • Leather lovin’ – leather is a fabric you can’t skip when it comes to creating country chic looks. You can wear your leather in various ways: leather cowboy boots, leather jacket, leather cowboy hat, leather anything! Of course, it’s not completely mandatory but these leather pieces would surely come in handy during the colder seasons.

knee high leather boots leather boots and red sweater cute country chic fall look

  • Do it with denim – denim is a very versatile fabric that’s used in a thousand and one looks and one of these looks is country chic. Adding denim to your country chic look gives it that relaxed and low-key casual vibe. Overalls, of course, would be the best denim piece to reach for when doing the country chic look.

country chic look posh country look

  • Add some feminine frill – lastly, if you really want to put the chic in country chic, you gotta have a little bit of fun feminine frilly froufrou in there so don’t be afraid to sport some lace and have some fun and flirty ruffles in your outfit. Fringes would make a great addition, too, for extra movement and fun.

cute lace dress clean earthy colors girly country look

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