How to Do a Stylish 70s Inspired Look

The 90s may have been big these past few months but for the next ones, we see a new trend coming back and a blast from the past it is! This fall, instead of going back to the 90s, fashion is taking us back to the groovy 70s but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a total throwback. This season’s 70s looks are going to have a modern twist to them. Here are some tips on how to do a stylish 70s inspired look today.

  • WEAR BELL SLEEVES – go ahead and raid your mom’s closet because chances are that she would have a bell sleeved top or dress in there somewhere. If you’re looking for an easy way to channel the 70s with your outfit, bell sleeves are the way to go.

bell sleeve outfit

bell sleeved top and floral pencil midi

  • TRADE SKINNY FOR FLARED JEANS – skinny jeans are nice and all but if you’re looking to add a seventies vibe to your look, you’re going to need to give your skinnies a rest for a while and trade them for flared jeans instead. Don’t worry, flared jeans are universally flattering which means that rocking them will be easy as pie.

flared jeans and striped top flared jeans outfit for fall

  • GO BIG WITH FRINGES – fringes have always been a fall favorite for many but did you know that aside from being perfect for fall, fringes are also very fitting for a 70s inspired look? That’s right. This means that if you’re planning on coming up with and wearing an outfit that’s inspired by this period, fall is the best time to do it.

fringe and suede fringe jacket 70s inspired

  • EASY BREEZY STYLE – unlike today, fashion back in the 70s was easy, light and breezy. Everything seemed to have a loose and flowy silhouette and anything that was loosely comfy was an ‘ok’ in every fashionista’s book. If you want to channel this to your look today, ditch anything too tight fitting and opt for everything loose and comfy. This doesn’t mean covering up your natural shape and obtaining a stick straight silhouette. It just means wearing more of the comfy stuff instead of the more restricting ones.

easy 70s look kate moss easy breezy 70s

  • FUNKY ACCESSORIES – lastly, if you really want to nail the 70s look down to a tee, you should never forget to add on the accessories. Funky and oversized round sunglasses, ornate belts, saddle bags, chunky heels, slouchy boots, floppy hat – these are just some of the accessories you can wear when creating a stylish 70s inspired look.

accessorized 70s boho mix look accessories for a stylish 70s look

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