How to Develop a Sense of Style from Scratch

If you’re a woman who has never been interested in style at all and never really paid much attention to what you wore, dressing for the better may seem hugely complex and complicated. Fashion is a way to experiment, though it has millions of unspoken rules and too many options. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to develop a sense of style from scratch.

Become an expert observer.


preppy-blue-dress-with-bow-band fall-outfit-with-suede-skirt

The first thing you can do to improve your sense of style and train your eye is this to look at how other women are doing it. You may sit in a cafe and just watch people passing by, or attend Fashion Weeks so you’ll be exposed to a broader range of styles. You may draw inspirations from fashion blogs and observe what types of pieces those bloggers are they wearing, what colors do they mix, what shoes do they pair with their outfits and so on. If you see an outfit that you like, figure out what exactly makes it so great. Whether it’s the minimalist or avant-garde detail, color scheme, or simplicity, over time, you’ll get more and more of a feel for what kinds of clothes you like.

Copy the styles and looks you love.

high-shocks-with-shoes-and-pussy-bow-outfit striped-matching-set-with-strappy-sandals leather-top-with-draped-skirt

Though fashion is all about developing your own unique style and ignoring other people’s rules, imitating others can be a creative technique for a beginner like you. You may find an outfit on a fashion blog that you could imagine wearing for one of your regular day-to-day activities, then, use your own clothes to replicate that outfit as closely as possible. Just pick one outfit and copy it, then assess what you like about it. This way, you are forced to really pay attention to details, like the fit of the pieces, and how they work together to create the overall silhouette of the outfit. On the contrary, if you don’t like the outfit on yourself, you can use that as an opportunity to learn more about your style too, by trying to figure out exactly what it is you don’t like about it.

Get out of your fashion comfort zone.

nude-lace-dress-with-princess-like-necklace tulle-skirt-with-burgundy-sweater tartan-pants-with-white-top-and-boots

By exposing yourself to different aesthetics and experimenting on the looks you like, you’ll develop your sense of style. Remember that every woman you see who has a great sense of style right now has gone through experimentation and got out of their fashion comfort zone before they finally settled on a style. You may start by teaming your chunky sweater with a billowy skirt like fashion blogger Balir Eadie did, or swap your pair of black pants with a pair of tartan trousers to add some cool looks to your style. Just be active seeking out new styles, colors, and silhouettes that are outside of your typical comfort zone, and eventually you’ll be more confident.

Use your most-worn pieces as the starting point.

white-dress-with-edgy-boots chic-military-dress-with-tall-boots chic-joggers-with-white-top

One of the easy ways to start upgrading your wardrobe is to use your most-worn pieces as the starting point. Just figure out what separates your favorites from the rest of your clothes, whether it’s that colors, fabric, fit, overall style, or details. This way, you’ll be left with a detailed list of things that are all your style and that you can use a guide while out shopping. Since you have been wearing all of those things already, there is a much lower risk that you’ll buy something that will end up sitting at the back of your closet. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to develop a sense of style from scratch effortlessly.

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