How to Create Your Own Signature Style

Just like how your signature or handwriting embodies you, a signature style is the flagship look of your individuality represented by your outfits. Whether you’re a fan of feminine ensembles, borrowed-from-boys items, or avant-garde pieces, your signature look is the outfit people picture you wearing when they think of you. Though you do not need a fully developed, stable personal style concept in order to create a signature look, keep on reading for our guide in creating your own signature style.

Get style-inspired.

bohemian outfit with fringed kimono

futuristic black outfit embellished jacket with vintage jeans boyfriend blazer with straight leg pants

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist, bohemian, avant-garde, or feminine look, be style inspired by gathering images of people whose style you most admire and try to find the common denominators. If you’ve found a nice style concept on a magazine or boutique, record best outfits by writing it down, or better yet, photograph it. You want a clear, razor-sharp definition of what your signature style stands for. Whether it’s a character in a book or film, or a brand identity, remember that definition equals quality. To develop a signature look you really have to dig deep into your aesthetic preferences and likes. This way, you will not only refine your overall personal style, but also improve your own creative awareness and confidence.

Know your body and lifestyle.

dress with thigh high boots structured top with plaid pants sporty outfit with sneakers leather trousers with wedge boots

Remember that certain styles look better for your shape than others do, so you must know your body and lifestyle and don’t convince yourself that you should be able to wear everything. Having a signature look let you know what you like, who you are, and what suits you. Whether you’re a party girl, office lady, or a minimalist woman, you can also decide how closely you want to define your signature look. From your specific set of items that you wear a lot, you can create minor variations or come up with a more loose formula that you can implement with a few different items for greater variety as long as it suits your body and lifestyle.

Store your go-to clothes together.

chic jacket with black jumpsuit winter outfit with boots printed tank top with leather skirt printed blazer with brocade skirt

Even if you have no aspiration to be a style icon, creating a signature look is an important step to build a more functional wardrobe. If you heard of the 80/20 principal for where you wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, having a signature style will help you get that crucial 20% 100% right. Like fashion blogger Michelle Krusi, apart from being fashionable in matching and mixing her basic pieces to create a stylish look, she also knows how to make it functional especially in the colder or warmer months. Resort to pieces that never let you down whether it’s a skirt, top, or pants that fit no matter what you ate that week. Once you’ve found a style that you truly love, you can focus on optimizing that section of your wardrobe and create a versatile mix-and-match system.

Wear confidence and attitude.

slip on sandals with masculine outfit pink joggers with sexy top floral dress with green bag embellished hat with grunge outfit

This confidence and attitude enhance what you are trying to express through your signature look and makes it all the more powerful. Your signature look can definitely be bold and expressive just like street style stars spitted in the Fashion Weeks, but it can also be understated, minimalist, and casual. Remember that signature styles are not always bold, but your confidence is. Of course, having a signature look is also the perfect remedy for hectic mornings and makes packing for trips a lot easier.

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