How to Create Statement Looks with Samantha Angelo

Every woman wishes to turn heads whenever she walks into a room. However, some are fond of dressing in avant-garde styles while some prefer a minimal look. Mind behind the Eye Travels blog, Samantha Angelo is a New York-based blogger known for her statement looks featuring unexpected color combinations on her outfits, as well as unique and catchy accessories. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to add some spice to your street style, or looking for style ideas on what to wear on upcoming Fashion Week, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Start by wearing statement accessories to dress up your muted outfit.

cobalt blue hat with purple dress and flared pants

structured cape coat with red leather gloves pastel pink umbrella with sheer outfit colorful ombre bag with white outfit

If your wardrobe consists of mostly black and white pieces, try to make a statement outfit by wearing a catchy accessory. In the summer, you may spice up your summer whites with a colorful ombre bag like Samantha did, or wear red leather gloves with your black coat in the winter. Shoes, belt, necklace, or even an umbrella can really add some flair to your neutral outfits without looking flashy. Just go for ones that suit your personality and you’re comfortable wearing.

Incorporate bright colors to your basic wardrobe.

lace blouse with tropical print pants and floor length vest turquoise floral robe dress with camel coat red jacket with fringed leather skirt red dress with navy coat red and black sweater with wide leg pants mustard coat with silk pussy bow blouse

You don’t have to wear head-to-toe neon of you wish to create a statement look. Though you may think of wearing unexpected color combinations on your outfit, you may start with one or two bold colors that will add some pop to your style. Classy and luxurious, jewel tones like cobalt blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, and emerald green can give you enough pop of color without looking flashy on your street style. Start by wearing them with your neutral shades then feel free to wear them with brighter shades as long as you feel comfortable and stylish in them.

Take advantage of artistic and quirky prints.

abstract print coat with art inspired outfit striped outfit with camel coat printed pants with sweater and vest floral matching set with lace up gladiators abstract print topquirky print matching set with porkpie hat

Skip those simple prints like stripes and polka dots if you wish for a statement look as every woman might be wearing these patterns especially in the summer season. Like Samantha, you may opt for a matching set with striking floral prints matched with gladiator sandals or an abstract print top worn with a skirt which can be unique and eye-catching. Also, think of abstract prints, novelty patterns, art-inspired prints, geometric patterns and such that can turn heads without much effort.

Head-to-toe neutrals can still make a statement outfit.

gray outfit with cuffed jeans fur boots with nude vest and sweater embroidered pants with all white outfit checkered pants with gray vest and sweater black leather jacket with printed pants

If you’re a minimalist type of person who doesn’t love bright colors and flashy prints, remember that you can still create statement looks from your favorite neutral pieces. The key is to create interest on your outfit’s structure and texture, as well as incorporating some muted prints that will give your muted pieces some dimension. Whether you wish to dress for the season or for the occasion, always keep the balance on your outfit like Samantha always does. Like her, think of wearing your structured pieces with lightweight ones and flared pieces with fitted ones.

By following these tricks from Samantha, you’ll be able to create statement looks effortlessly.

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