How to Create an Eclectic Outfit with Clothes You Own

An eclectic style doesn’t have to mean wearing designer pieces head to toes as some women have a knack for throwing random pieces of clothing together and creating a look that’s incredibly stylish. Thankfully, you don’t even have to go shopping to achieve an eclectic look as you can do it right with the clothes in your own closet. Just keep on reading for our tricks.

Start by incorporating eclectic accessories to your basic outfit.

eclectic outfit with fringe clutch and metallic sneakers

quirky backpack and heels with casual chic outfit necktie with casual chic outfit

Accessories can be the easiest way to help you create an eclectic look. Think of mixing metals or wearing chunky watches with sleek bangles. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, refresh your basic button down shirt, shorts, and blazer outfit with a necktie that looks unexpected and tomboyish. Or, opt for an exaggerated fringed clutch to go well with your leather outfit, or a quirky print backpack to add some flair to your basic button-down shirt and jeans outfit.

Wear your basic pieces in an unexpected way.

denim skirt with shirt dress silver necklace and bracelet with eclectic outfit eclectic striped dress with lace up shoes

You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe to come up with a unique, but still fashionable, look. Think of wearing your basic ensembles in novel ways such as wearing your button-down shirt backward, or your shirtdress as an off-shoulder dress. However, there’s a fine line between eclectic and fashion faux pas, so be sure not to cross it. Just embrace the possibilities and have fun experimenting with your clothes.

Layer your basics to create a new outfit.

denim skirt with flared pants with chambray top preppy eclectic outfit with statement shoes eclectic outfit with classic heels

Having an eclectic sense of style means that you can put together different fashion pieces that on the hanger seem like they wouldn’t go together, but when you put them on, the overall look works. You may start by searching in your closet for some basic wardrobe pieces. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, think of having an eclectic outfit from a pair of flared jeans, button-down skirt, and a button-down shirt worn as one outfit. Also, flattering jeans, black pants, and black skirts are essential building blocks because you can pair them with trendier tops. Mixing seasonal clothing also does the trick. Just don’t be afraid to wear a bright summer color with your winter sweater, or throw on a chunky cable-knit sweater over your summer dress.

Refresh your outfits with an eclectic piece.

mini bag with eclectic outfit floral print boots with eclectic outfit checkered winter coat with cozy outfit

To get a statement look, refresh your basics with eclectic pieces in your closet that might be a little trendier. You never know as you may create a whole new you. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, think of a checkered coat that will make your all-black outfit eclectic in the winter months. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to create eclectic outfits with the clothes you own.

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