How to Create a Style Based on Your Lifestyle

It may be just easy to follow those generalized list “closet staples”, but keep in mind that everyone’s lifestyle needs are different, so that won’t always work for your day to day activities. There are a million ways you can dress and a million different pieces you can buy, so we have to narrow it all down and hone in on what will work for you. Since you want a functional wardrobe for your lifestyle, keep on reading for our guidelines so you’ll have the best clothes that serve you.

Pay attention to your typical day to day activities.


suede-skirt-with-turtleneck-top checkered-dress-with-black-tights

Defining your lifestyle will totally direct what kinds of pieces you need for your life. If you’re a stay at home mom living a very casual lifestyle, you probably don’t need a lot of power suits or trousers. On the other hand, if you’re a working professional in a conservative workplace, office-staples are very functional for you. If you’re a marketer in a business-casual office who sits in meetings with clients, you might need professional yet not so formal outfits to keep you streamlined and polished. By determining these things, it will provide focus with what kind of pieces you need and to look for to make your wardrobe more functional.

Consider your typical weekend functions and special events you need to dress regularly.

casual-chic-outfit-with-lace-up-sandals bohemian-chic-outfit-with-boots leather-trousers-with-tunic-sweater-and-sneakers

On your off-duty look, you might want something casual or something dressy depending on where you going. If you usually see movies with the family, you might want jeans and sneakers to keep you casual cool. On the other hand, if you usually go for a girl’s nights out on the regular, you might want edgy leather pieces and sexy dresses to spice you up. If you have lots of parties and weddings to go to, you should probably invest in some versatile dresses that can be dressed up or worn casually. Also, think of cocktail hours, date nights, brunches, and baby showers you might be attending so you’ll have stylish and functional clothes with you.

Define your style preference.

grunge-chic-outfit-with-boots leather-jacket-with-urban-chic-outfit white-top-and-skirt-with-jacket

Besides identifying your lifestyle needs, it’s helpful to define your style. If you’re just a beginner, you may draw inspirations from fashion blogs, fashion magazines, and such to have an idea which looks you like the most. Instead of looking at the outfits as individuals, broaden your scope to look for common themes you feel drawn into. It may be a dressy style, bohemian style, grunge style, minimalist style, or urban style that will look great on you.

Dress for your personality and lifestyle.

striped-dress-with-blue-clutch black-and-gold-party-outfit all-black-outfit-with-jeans-and-red-espadrilles

Incorporate the styles you like into your lifestyle by adding some personal tweaks in your outfits and looks. Like fashion blogger Magdalena Fuess, you may simply resort to a colorful striped dress and a cute clutch to show off your trendy personality on your weekends. Or, simply top your dressy outfit with a leather jacket and boots that will add some urban vibe to your street style. By following these simple tricks, you’ll be able to create a style based on your lifestyle.

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