How to Copy Beyonce’s Beauty Look

No one may ever be able to wake up in the morning as flawless as Beyonce but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to get Queen Bey’s look. Sexy, wild and oh-so-gorgeous – these are just some of the things that describe Beyonce’s look. At 33, Beyonce sure has proven a lot of things, being impeccably fierce and flawless included. Here are some tips on how to copy Beyonce’s beauty look. I know a lot of you out there have been dying to get to that level of flawless so let’s get to it!

  • Fresh, flawless skin – it all starts with the skin. If you’re going for the Queen Bey look, you have to have flawless, fresh skin. Of course, the best way to go about this is to take skin care seriously so you can have beautiful skin with or without makeup on (did you see Bey’s no makeup selfie? Exactly.) When putting on makeup, use a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Mix shades if you have to. You want your makeup to always look natural and never cakey. Using the right tools is important, too. Check out these tips on how to get flawless looking foundation.

fresh and flawless skin

radiant glowing skin impeccable flawless skin

  • Beautiful brows – we all know brows can make or break your look so make sure you always have yours in the best shape. Beyonce’s brows are dark and bold but they’re not bushy nor too thick. Her arches look quite natural, too. Learning how to do your brows on your own has lots of benefits so if you don’t already know how, start learning. It will save you lots of cash and will let you groom, shape and fill them anytime you need it. Here are some tips on getting the perfect brows.

perfectly shaped brows beautiful brows diva look perfect brows

  • Beachy babe waves – Bey has had her fair share of hair experiments but she always seems to come back home to the same sexy beachy waves. If you have naturally sleek straight hair, you may want to spritz on some texturizing salt spray to get that scrunched up look before or after you run your hair through the curling iron.

beachy bob waves long wavy locks ombre wavy hair

  • Get in the nude – nude lips seem to be this year’s biggest lip trend and it’s one of Beyonce’s more prominent looks as well. Bey’s signature nude lip is a pink brown hue but yours could be different, depending on a lot of things, so start looking for your perfect nude if you haven’t already found yours.

pinky nude lips browny nude lip nude lip look

  • Warm it up – Beyonce’s skin tone seems to be naturally warm and we know everyone’s skin tone is different but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. If you have a lighter skin tone, getting a tan is one of the best ways to go. If you’d rather keep your skin naturally light, though, you can bring more warmth to the face by wearing bronzer instead.

warm skin color warm and earthy colors warm skin tone

  • Body and booty care – lastly, to complete your Beyonce ‘transformation’, the last step would be to get fit. Not trying to go lezzy here or anything but, hot dang! Can anyone else wear leotards night after night after night like Beyonce did during her On the Run tour with hubby Jay Z without the audience getting the least bit sick of it? If anything, I’m betting they wanted more! Of course, aside from getting your bod and booty fit, you’d want it to look flawless as well so make sure you extend your skin care past your face.

beyonce vogue cover fit flawless body curvy silhouetteall over flawless skin

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