How to Contemplate Your Sale Picks

Though it’s great to get an opportunity to pick up quality pieces at a fraction of the cost, it can still be challenging to avoid overspending and shop smartly. Since holiday sales are in full force, keep on reading for our guidelines on contemplating your sale picks and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Bring a shopping list with you.


white-tank-top-with-culottes mustard-sweater-dress-with-espadrilles

If you have some compulsive shopping tendencies and you’ve experienced buyer’s remorse, a shopping list can be your aid. This way, you won’t feel bad about having bought something because it perhaps wasn’t worth the money, and it wasn’t in your list. Remember, sale picks have the tendency to result in buyer’s remorse, as the excitement of finding deals can override ones judgment on what they actually want or need in their wardrobe.

Think why the item is on sale.

black-and-white-party-outfit cropped-bandeau-top-woth-pencil-skirt cobalt-blue-slip-dress

Pieces can go on sale for a variety of reasons. However, if it appears that it may be on sale because it’s obnoxiously over-trendy, lacks functionality or is difficult to wear, then it’s probably best to pass over it. Also, some off-season items can be on sale if the new season is coming. So, think first before investing on that sale item as you may not able to wear it thoroughly. Some items that are marked down are damaged, so if you’re the type of person that has no problem with dealing with a difficult item that may need some mending, then go for it. If not, leave it for a more do-it-yourself woman.

What purpose will this item serve in your wardrobe?

black-tank-top-with-white-skirt peach-matching-set-with-trendy-accessories breezy-chic-outfit-with-sneakers

Sale picks are a great time to venture out and try something a little different. If you wouldn’t normally wear a pastel sling bag but have always wanted to try one, then why not pick up one for a cheaper price? Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, spice up your pastel peach matching set with a pair of trendy sandals and pastel blue bag. However, if the piece doesn’t fill some type of void in your closet, then it’s most likely just going to collect dust.

Would you still want to buy this item if it was full price?

yellow-shift-dress-with-crisscross-heels romantic-floral-dress-with-green-pumps embroidered-blazer-with-ripped-jeans

No matter how it feels great to pick up tons of items for a minimal cost, it’s important to remember not to go too overboard. While you may not be able to afford the piece at full price, still use the same decision-making techniques you use when picking out full priced item as you do on sale picks. If you think that dress will make you look great and perfect no matter what’s the price, maybe you would love to drop your dollars in it. By considering our guidelines, you’ll eliminate your buyer’s remorse and save money for future purchases.

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