How to Come Up with Your Style Recipe

Style is an expression of your personality through the clothes you’re wearing and style recipe is the key for creating a bold fashion statement. Since it’s the ingredients that go into making up your unique style, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to come up with your style recipe.

  1. Know the details and fashion styles that you love.



Start by looking at your favorite clothes and figure out what you love about them and how you’d describe them. You may also look for style inspirations from magazines, fashion blogs and such that really excites you and then seeing which words describe them. If you’re aiming for a girly style, you might be inspired by Darya Kamalova’s look, wearing a striped pink dress with a quirky orange fruit tote. Or, make it your looks a bit classy with a black dress topped with a sailor cap.

  1. Pick the clothes that represent your personality.

striped-sweater-with-full-skirt pink-tank-top-with-graphic-print-skirt gypsy-outfit-with-turban

When you’re getting dressed each day if the clothes don’t work for your recipe you’ll feel not quite right, not really you, or even uncomfortable. You may start by writing down lots of words that represent your personality, as well as words that relate how you’d like to be perceived. For instance, you may think of adjectives like classy, feminine, unexpected, vibrant, divine, distinctive, dynamic, exciting and such that can define your style recipe. If you’re a bit carefree, bohemian and gypsy looks might inspire you like Anjelica Blick did. On the other hand, if you’re more feminine and girly, you might like Darya Kamalova’s outfit of a pink top and a flirty graphic skirt. Once they’ve influences what you’re wearing, and you’ll feel more expressive and confident.

  1. Clean your closet and only shop for items in your style recipe.

cropped-bandeau-top-with-striped-culottes printed-top-with-leather-leggings-and-cowboy-boots cropped-shirt-with-sneakers

When deciding if you should keep those garments that have been sitting in your wardrobe for some time, if they don’t reflect your current style recipe, then let them go as they’re taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. Also, when you’re deciding to buy a new item, follow the ingredients from your style recipe so you’ll get the ensembles that you’ll truly love to wear over and over again. Once you have mastered this trick, it’ll be easier for you to discard the pieces that you aren’t really excited about and this will help you come up with your style statement.

  1. Stick with your style recipe with confidence.

ombre-outfit-with-blue-and-white-pants graphic-print-dress-with-cardigan fruit-clutch-with-tweed-dress-and-woven-cap

Style recipe will help you develop your personal style, but it’s your confidence that will make a bold statement. Whether you’re aiming for a girly, edgy, classy, or carefree statement, follow your own style recipe and bring it on with your confidence that will make a bold fashion statement.

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