How to Choose the Perfect Luggage for Travel

If you travel a lot, choosing luggage is essential to make your possessions be transported safely and securely without damage. If you feel overwhelmed deciding on the quality, material, wheels and such, keep on reading for our guidelines on choosing the perfect luggage for travel.

Opt for high-quality luggage for travel.

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Depending on how often you travel and how long are your trips, you have to opt for higher-quality and properly engineered pieces that will minimize failures, avoid travel hassles, and will keep you organized on trips. There are suitcases made from metal, plastic, leather, fabric, and ballistic nylon that can last longer, wears, and looks better after airline abuse, and will not add to travel problems.

Think of lighter luggage to avoid excess weight airline baggage fees.

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Weight is also a factor when you have to lift your bag, like when stowing it in an overhead rack or carrying it. Does the carry-on luggage comply with all airline overhead compartment rules for size, weight, and volume? Generally, the older style luggage is significantly heavier than the new plastic-based materials. So, opt for new generation one which is lighter to save you money in the long run by avoiding excess weight airline baggage fees.

Think of wheels for mobility.

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One of the important factors to consider is the ease of moving and carrying any piece of luggage especially through airports and train stations and on the street. Wheels are a necessity in order to make pulling, pushing, or dragging easier. Think if you’re going to have difficulty lifting or moving the luggage when fully packed. How do you normally carry your luggage? Unless you have small pieces of luggage and carry little weight, few travelers purchase luggage without wheels. Also, bags with two wheels are more stable as it will not roll on its own, while four-wheeled bags create instability as the wheels are really not designed to deal with the weight. Pay attention how sturdy wheel-case are, as if the wheels are mounted to a plastic base, it’s not sturdy enough to withstand repeated bouncing of wheels.

Think of a functional and spacious design of suitcases.

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Based on the volume of clothes and other items you need to carry, pay attention to the amount of space that is usable and how much you can pack into a case. Some bags have an internal organization like dividers, pockets, zippered areas, and capability to hang suits, dresses, and shirts that can be functional. How do you unpack your luggage when you arrive at your destination? Do you like to remove the contents, or hang your luggage in the closet? By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to pick the perfect luggage for travel.

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