How to Change Attitudes towards Your Body Shape

While some women love to lose weight, some are struggling to gain some pounds. The list goes on and on including the colors of their eyes, their fair complexion, their body type and such. If you find yourself one of them, keep on reading for our tips on how to change attitudes towards your body shape and embrace the real you.

Accept your assets and flaws as what you see impacts how you feel.


sexy-v-neck-swimsuit fur-skirt-with-studded-sweater

We’re constantly fed images of very slim actresses and models, all beautifully dressed. The images and things that you see really do play a role in the way that you view the world, including yourself. If you find it difficult to look at yourself in the mirror and see beauty, maybe it’s because you’ve trained yourself not to appreciate those images. If you’re a fashion-forward woman that always watches designer shows and see models on their skinny figure, you might have created endless vision boards with slender, toned women who look nothing like you. Instead of focusing on that body images, learn to accept your assets and flaws.

Find new images that will inspire you to feel more confident in your body.

breezy-outfit-with-lace-up-sandals wide-leg-pants-with-crop-sweater button-down-shirt-with-boots-and-jeans

To change the way you feel about yourself, change the images you’re looking at. Instead of images of slender women, look at images of women who look like you. Fashion blogs and street styles are more realistic over the model images on the fashion magazines which often photoshopped. If you’re petite, draw inspiration from petite style icons and style bloggers which prove you can be trendy and fashionable even you’re shorter in height. Also, you can create a board with lots of pretty pictures of plus size women, otherwise known as women look like you. It’s actually really fun and rewarding to look at so many fabulous photos and definitely feel you’re seeing the beauty that’s really there.

Dress to highlight your assets and conceal your flaws.

flared-pants-with-sexy-blouse sexy-lavender-cut-out-dress flared-trousers-with-crop-sweater

Instead of striving to be someone you’re not, dress to highlight your assets and conceal your flaws. Like fashion blogger Anjelica Blick, you may go for a cut-out dress that can show your sexy legs and toned midriff without looking too provocative. If you have a straight body type, draw inspiration from Jennifer Grace’s outfit, highlighting her sexy curves with a crop sweater and flared pants.

Wear your style confidently and walk with attitude.

peplum-top-with-shorts-and-nude-heels water-inspired-print-dress sexy-sailor-skirt-with-sweater

Your confidence will make your style fashion-forward and statement-making regardless of your outfit. Like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen, you may be petite, but if you know how to dress your curves, you’ll look great and confident. If you wish to create illusion of curves, be confident in a sailor skirt with high-slit like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace wore. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to embrace your body shape and look more confident on your street style.

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