How to Camouflage Cankles

If you’ve got cankles or a zone where you have heavy calves and thick ankles, you may dress to camouflage your flaws. Though it may not be an easy body flaw to disguise, keep on reading for our styling tricks to look more flattering on your street looks.

Opt for wide leg pants and skip cropped styles.

borrowed from boys outfit with manly shoes

striped top with wide leg pants pastel pink pants with striped top flared pants with printed blouse chic jogger pants with blazer

A pair of pants that falls in a straight line from the hip is the most flattering. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may simply opt for a black pair of palazzo or wide leg pants paired with your striped top for a chic look. A pair of slight boot cut jeans paired with draped blouse like Zanita Whittington’s wearing is a good choice for women who have wider hips as it balances out the body proportions. Skinny jeans or pants that are tapered can be challenging to pull off with cankles. Also, avoid cropped pants that end at your ankles as it only highlights your problem area.

Go for midi or maxi length on skirts and dresses.

A-line skirt with green blazer striped maxi dress with satchel bag neutral outfit with colorful scarf midi skirt with chic top and nude pumps chic maxi dress with belt

When thinking of skirt and dresses styles, always pay attention to its hemline as it must end at the narrowest part of your leg whether it’s right above or below the knee. If it’s not, better go for maxi lengths to cover-up your body flaws. Also, you must avoid ruffled or embellished hems that draw the eye downward like a mermaid skirt and an embellished skirt. A tapered skirt like a fitted pencil skirt can be great to accentuate your curves and draw the eye up away from the bottom part of your leg. The same rule applies to Capri and Bermuda shorts as they can be flattering if they end at or right below the knees.

Go monochromatic when wearing ankle boots.

gray block heeled boots with gray coat and jeans monochromatic outfit with edgy boots leather leggings with pointy boots and white top

Skirts and dresses look sleekest with tights in the same color as the shoe. This rule applies when you’re wearing ankle boots with your skinny jeans. Though it’s impossible not to look longer and leaner in all black, you may go for gray, beige, and even white as long as you keep your boots and pants in the same hue like Kristina Bazan did, wearing his pair of gray boots with her skinny gray jeans making her frame look leaner and taller while camouflaging her problem areas.

Opt for chunky heels or tall boots, and skip ankle strap sandals.

chunky mules with denim skirt and chic top tall boots with boho dress tall boots with blanket scarf and black outfit gray boots with yellow coat wedge sandals with brightly colored dress

Chunky-heeled shoes and wedges are generally flattering because they balance out heavy cankles compared to pointy stilettos that will only make your calves disproportionally heavier. Also, avoid ankle straps as well as shoes with lacing around the ankle. Instead, resort to some tall boots to make your legs look long and lean. Avoid booties if you’re not wearing leggings or jeans in the same shade of them as it will only draw attention to your heavy cankles.

Draw the focus away from your flaws by wearing statement accessories.

statement necklace with black outfit and green coat red pants with striped top and blazer with gold belt paper bag waist pants with white top and gold necklace chic clutch with green skirt and white top

If you can’t skip wearing ankle boots, ankle strap sandals, cuffed jeans, and cropped pants, then draw the attention away from your flaws by wearing catchy accessories. Remember, if you can’t hide your flaws, then decorate it by focusing on your top part. Draw the eye up with bold jewelry, striking prints, eye-catching colors or an alluring neckline. By doing this, you’ll look perfectly stylish and fashion-forward without worrying about your flaws.

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