How to be a Savvy Shopper Based on Your Personality Type

Every woman loves shopping whether it’s online, vintage, thrift, department store, consignment, or girls’ night clothing swap. However, there’s a lot to consider when shopping new garments including your budget, piece’s versatility, and such. More than that, you have to consider your strengths and pitfalls when going shopping to avoid buyer’s remorse. So, keep on for our tricks on how to be a savvy shopper based on your personality type.

“Straight-For-The-Sale-Rack” Shopper


urban-chic-outfit-with-boots lace-up-gladiators-with-off-shoulder-top-and-denim-shorts

If you’ve never paid full price on an item because you’re always waiting for discounts, it’s great. You may know what times of year are best for retail deals and you have your shopping list to get the best of a sale when it strikes. Finding a good bargain is like a game, so make this experience even more economical by marking special shopping days on your calendar when the previous season’s clothes are on sale. However, a heavily discounted price can persuade you to make a purchase you don’t really need. So, the key to making discounts and sales work for you is to look for timeless wardrobe staples, rather than trendy or cheap items that are on their way out for good reason. This way, you’ll be thankful because you already have your seasonal clothes and everyone else is buying them at full price.

Online Shopper

cropped-top-with-floral-skirt designer-bag-with-chic-bomber-jacket suede-skirt-with-retro-floral-top

Coupons and promo codes are your best arsenal when it comes to shopping and you’re not fond of making a special trip to go shopping because your browsing is done primarily at home. However, the biggest downfall to online shopping is having to judge items based off of how they look on a model. So, the key to having a successful online shopping experience is to choose universally flattering items or fits you know work for your specific body type. Also, remember that e-coupon is just an opportunity to get discounts, not an obligation when you don’t need it.

Thrifty Shopper

vintage-dress-with-briefcase vintage-striped-dress-with-sunhat vintage-maxi-dress-with-denim-vest

As a thrifty shopper, you’re open to finding treasures that enhance your unique sense of style. However, sizes in thrift stores mean absolutely nothing compared to general sizing standard, so you must develop an eye for what will fit you. Pay attention to details like fabric quality and construction and put back any item that has damage which you’re unwilling repair. The key to remember as a thrifty buyer is that a deal is only a “steal” if it’s something you actually need.

Inside-the-Wardrobe Shopper

vintage-outfit-with-woven-bag vintage-dress-with-red-sneakers denim-romper-with-wedges

The inside-the-wardrobe shopper only shops on friends’ or your sisters’ closets. With more than one closet to work from, you can try all kinds of combinations without spending a dime. However, shopping on your friends’ closet has a tendency to become a clone of your fashion-forward friend. So, instead of looking on her wardrobe look for an item that resonates with your style. By heeding these simple shopping tricks based on your personality, you’ll be able to save time, money, and effort when going shopping.

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