How to Avoid the Most Common Outfit Photo Fails

If you’re inspired by fashion bloggers and street style star who take all their outfit photos, it can be challenging to look natural and impressive, since you’re not familiar how the camera is seeing as you pose away. To avoid a bunch of photography crimes which can ruin your photographic efforts, keep on reading for our guidelines on avoiding the most common outfit photo fails.

Make sure the brightest light source is in front of you.


lace-up-bodysuit-with-crop-pants breezy-cruise-outfit

If the sun is behind you will end up looking dark. Even you have some photoshop tricks, it’s still hard to brighten the photo up without blowing out the background. Also, don’t take photos in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows so better have your photos taken in the early morning and dusk light which are the most flattering lights to take photos in. Also, dappled sunlight will create strange splotches on you so be careful on them if you don’t want strange splotches on your face. Instead, try and get your outfit photos taken first thing in the morning before the sun is too strong and direct.

Check what’s around you.

chic-all-white-outfit graphic-print-matching-set graphic-skirt-with-chic-blouse

Check out what is in front of you, between you and the camera, and even behind you will give you a great setting for your outfit to stand out. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may go for a street style shot with a neat background, yet not too plain as the walls. Getting the typical shot of the streets whether you pose in the pedestrian or near the sidewalk may be great as long as there are no obstacles like trash bins, people walking, or unflattering details.

Get a clear shot.

overalls-with-ruffled-blouse tiered-white-maxi-dress casual-cool-urban-outfit

Find out what part of the frame the camera is focusing on, then make sure you’re in that area while the camera focuses, otherwise you will be blurry and what is around you will be clear. Remember, you can’t edit yourself into focus. So pay attention, especially if the subject is moving whether there’s a wind blowing or you’re walking. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you can go for windy settings as long as you can capture the clear shot of your breezy outfit.

Take multiple shots in different poses and angle so you’ll have your pick.

pastel-coat-with-boots ibiza-print-outfit-with-boho-vest blue-jumpsuit-with-colorful-pumps

You can notice that all of the street style photos are great, but they don’t see behind the scenes, and just how many photos they’ve deleted. So, take your time and take at least 30 photos for each photo for you to get the best angle. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll be able to avoid the most common outfit photo fails and get those flattering photos you can show off.

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