How to Assess Which Wardrobe Essentials Your Closet Need

Once you have a personal style defined, shopping for new clothes and accessories will become a lot easier. However, if you want to reexamine your clothing choices and fill in the missing pieces to your wardrobe as you develop your style, you might need some tips to make it easy for you. Whether you’re aiming to fill your wardrobe gaps or simply want to refresh your closet, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Look at all the pieces you currently have in your closet and figure out where the missing holes are.

backless top with skinny jeans

skinny jeans with structured blazer and brooch paper bag waist pants with breezy top

Doing a review might be challenging because you need to go through and look at all the pieces you currently have in your closet and then figure out where the missing holes are. It’s like taking stock of your personal style journey and learning what you need to complete your look and how you can manage it over time. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you might have a lot of jeans that will need various tops to make your style more fashionable yet comfortable. Think of sheer blouse, button-down shirts, tank tops, and such that will complete your wardrobe.

Start your closet purge.

oversized jacket with cuffed pants striped top with white pants tiered skirt with jacket

By focusing on what makes you feel good, you’ll be wearing outfits you love, everyday. When cleaning out your closet, think when was the last time you wore an outfit you loved. Getting rid of items that are taking up space in your closet will help you feel a lot lighter. Not only will you have a more realistic look of what you can wear, but it will also give you more room.

Do not add new pieces to your wardrobe until you complete your personal style assessment.

classy black pussy bow dress sporty mesh top with skinny jeans urban outfit with camel coat

After cleaning your wardrobe, don’t shop yet to avoid a style slump. If you get into a certain trend, your entire new items will tend to end up being reiterations of the same look. You might have a style slump with light tank tops, graphic tees, denim jeans, military jackets and such. Before going shopping, think first what item you find yourself buying repeatedly in different cuts, colors, or style. This way, you’ll know what pieces you have grown too accustomed to.

Go for wardrobe essentials that reflect your personality and needs.

white blazer with striped top and shorts fall coat with monochromatic outfit embroidered dress with socks and pumps

Building your personal style is all about you and what your needs are, not what trends are popular. So, your wardrobe essentials should reflect your personality and needs. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, if you have a romantic fashion personality, dresses, full skirts, blazers, and chic tops are your needs. Remember, it’s all about getting outfit staples that make you feel good and confident, and even features in your body you would like to play up more or less. As you create your personal style you will be in transition. But by heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get a whole new wardrobe with great pieces that will save your day.

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