How to Add Some Flair to Your Winter Looks with Doina Ciobanu

Winter may be known for dark palette, bulky layers, and cozy outfits, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo a great style. Mind behind the Golden Diamonds blog, Doina Ciobanu is a fashion blogger from Moldova known for her fashion-forward looks even in the winter months that might inspire your looks. She came from a country that straddles both European and Russian cultures without a true fashion scene of its own, yet she’s able to show her interpretation of a great sense of style that might help you to get through the winter months.

Add a pop of color.

red cap with bulky winter outfit

red jeans with fringed boots and sweater red coat with classic outfit

Though dark colors are known to be warming, which makes them perfect for the colder months, that doesn’t mean you have to skin bold and electrifying colors. Like Doina, you may add some flair to your bulky winter outfit with a red cap that makes everything look chic. For a bolder statement, go for a bold color on your outfit like a jacket, coat, jeans, trousers and such. Like her, think of a timeless red coat that can be worn with anything or a pair of red jeans that can work in the winter with your cozy tops and boots.

Resort to classy and cozy fur ensembles.

black and white fur coat with winter outfit fur coat with silk headscarf fur scarf with winter outfit

Wearing fur may be the easiest way to add some classy feel to your style, but it’s also functional to keep you warm in the winter months. Like Doina, think of a fur coat or jacket that can spice up your basic jeans and winter boots. Going for a white fur coat styled with a belt, structured bag, and even a silk scarf can make your winter style classy at the same time cozy. If you feel a fur coat seem too bulky for you, then resort to a fur scarf that can add some classy feel to whatever winter outfit you’re wearing.

Pay attention to details.

brooch with pastel blue coat and red shoes fringed boots with tribal print sweater dressquirky bag keychain with pastel blue winter coat

Small details like wearing accessories, picking fringed boots, and even adding a quirky keychain on your bag like Doina did will add some flair to your winter looks. If you’re a sophisticated type of women who skips quirky details, then resort to a classy brooch that can complement your winter coats, or a pair of bold colored shoes that will contrast against your black tights. To make everything carefree or playful, think of a pair of fringed boots over plain ones or even a quirky fur keychain that will add some flair to your winter style.

Make your everyday outfits work in the winter with layers.

chunky sweater with red jeans and sneakers hoodie with camo pants and fringed bootscasual outfit with leather gloves

If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, think of layering your basic ensembles to make them work in the winter. Winter may be known for puffer jackets, heavy coats, leather trousers, snow boots and such, but camo pants, hoodies, chunky sweater, button-down shirt, denim jeans, and tee can still be worn in the winter with chic toppers. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to add some flair to your winter looks effortlessly.

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