How Do You Know If a Trend Is Right for You

Every season, fashion editors distil the contents of the runway shows into a handful of style trends setting the must-have list and voguish styles you may go into. But, not all trends are created equal, so be mindful of a trend is right for you or not before wearing them on your looks. Or else, you’ll be a fashion victim. So, keep on reading for our tasteful reminders for picking the trends to incorporate on your personal style.

The theme of trends must show your personality.

crop top with red blazer and watercolor print skirt

military coat with striped top and black pants fringe skirt with lightweight blouse and hat eclectic sweater with mini bag and metallic sandals denim romper with chic bag and sandals

There are a lot of themes each trend offers that you may go for. For instance, a bohemian outfit featuring fringes, suede, and peasant dresses may be great for women with wild, free-spirited, and carefree nature, while a denim on denim outfit may be perfect for a woman with casual cool personality. Some are adventurous enough to wear avant-garde outfits with eclectic details and unconventional silhouette, but if you’re not one of them, you may just stick to a military-inspired outfit, safari-inspired outfit, or even borrowed-from-boys outfit that you may find delight in. Although a few trends remain forever in the high-fashion realm, only go for ones that resonate with you.

The colors must flatter your skin tone.

blue skirt with yellow green sweater neon yellow top with black skirt and edgy boots hot pink dress with clutch green crop top and skirt with platform shoes


Color blocked trend, head-to-to neutrals, neon shades and such may be trendy and give some life to your style, but think first if they are able to flatter your skin tone before wearing them. Pale skin tones may look washed out in black and sick in yellow hues while olive skin tones may look awkward in neon shades and bright hues. So, drill down a bit deeper and go for several colors that look great on you. Unless the colors are unusual, you probably have some of it in your closet that you may think of wearing.

Prints and patterns must express your mood.

burger print sweater with white jeans striped top with high waist skirt and orange belt printed sweater with geometric print dress and green sandals fruit print sweater with ripped jeans floral print coat with rubber boots

Abstract prints, geometric print, novelty prints, watercolor prints, leopard prints, floral prints and such are trendy and fashionable enough, but only pick those prints and patterns that express your mood. A fruit or burger print on a sweater may look cute, but if you’re not playful or quirky enough to wear them, it will eventually show that you’re trying too much hard to keep track with the trends that are not for you. Stripes may be classic, but wearing horizontal stripes on your problem areas will only make your flaws emphasized. So, go for the ones that you feel you’re comfortable wearing making the trend work for you.

Trendy accessories must suit your lifestyle.

bright yellow necklace and clutch with tropical print maxi dress statement necklace and purple pumps with sweater and gray jeans neon pumps with pastel dress green sunglasses with green jacket and chic dress chunky necklace with checkered coat

Haute couture earrings, oversized necklaces, flashy bracelets, mini bags, lug sole shoes and such may be trendy enough, but not always appropriate for professional workplace or formal affairs. So, before investing on trendy accessories, think first if it can fit your lifestyle well. Don’t compromise your professional image for the sake of fashion, especially if you’re working in the law firm, financial offices, banks, or other non-fashion related offices that usually call for a strict dress code. Most trendy accessories are more affordable and easier to track down than garment trends so have pleasure with them.

Make some tweaks to trends for personalizing your style.

flared pants with chic striped top and blazer tribal print dress with pastel green jacket printed pants with button down shirt and velvet blazer neon yellow skirt and pink pumps with printed blouse and blazer floral maxi skirt with leather cropped top

Sometimes, you are remembered for the rules you break, not with how good you look. So feel free to make some tweaks to trends for personalizing your style. For instance, your pear shaped figure can be flattered by a boot cut or flared style of jeans, but you’re not into bohemian look, then, update your top piece with a striped button down shirt and a sleek blazer to make it classy and chic. If you find geometric or tribal prints too bold for your personality, you may think of topping your outfit with a plain jacket like Blair Eadie to make the trend work for you.

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