How (and Where) to Wear Casual Sandals 

Some shoes are made for certain occasions. But if such footwear proves to be too much for you, then you can always wear casual sandals for women. Here are some great outfit suggestions for the most important moments in your life.

Your Best Friend’s Garden Wedding

There is one thing that can destroy this picture-perfect moment: your stiletto heels drowning in a puddle of grassy mud. Before you lose your balance (your stance and pride too, along the way,) then plan for an attire that accommodates comfy casual sandals for women. In this case, your best choice is a bejeweled strappy sandals – even an ornate slip on sandal – so you can enjoy your best friend’s most special day.

black maxi dress and gladiator sandals

white maxi dresswhite lace dress

After Work Dinner Meeting with a Mad Client

Just because you have to go to an upscale resto for a client meeting does not mean your feet have to suffer the same fate as yours. Granted the meeting will probably go down the drain, (you can still keep your hopes up though,) you might as well treat your feet in casual sandals for women.

black blazer and miniskirt white blazer and cropped pants

For this scary occasion, always remember this important fashion mantra: business on the top, party at the bottom. That means a top and blazer with cropped pants, or a polo blouse with jogger pants. Kick it off with lace-up sandals or graphic slip-on sandals for a smart casual attire.

white blazer and sandals

No-Sitting Music Festival

Maybe you go to music festivals for work, or maybe you just enjoy treating your ears to a one-of-a-kind harmonious experience. Since such events almost guarantee that you will stand up for hours on end, then what you need to wear are pretty yet comfortable casual sandals for women. Remain glamorous – without punishing your feet – by wearing fun slip-ons or ornate gladiator sandals. You’ll never lose your fashion vibe with these lovely casual sandals for women.

festival outfit boho dress

Beachside Party

A trip to the beach is incomplete without a beachside party. With that being said, you’ll look like a fool if you get there in dress-to-kill shoes. (Who does that anyway?) For this fun occasion, casual sandals for women are still the best to wear. If you want to look elegant without losing your balance in the sand, then bring a ‘blingy’ pair of sandals. Worn with a maxi dress or a uber-shirt mini dress, these casual sandals for women can transform you into the darling of the night.

black dress and gladiator sandalsyellow party dresswhite party dress x

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