How an Outfit Can Make or Break Your Job Interview

Choosing what to wear to an interview is an important part of the preparation process. There’s a fine line between looking professional and looking fashion-forward. You might want to look stylish while keeping your outfit appropriate so keep on reading for the few points to consider when creating your interview look.

It’s nearly impossible to project confidence and communicate a sense of competence when you’re wobbling as you walk.

classic coat with black office pants

pussy bow blouse with straight leg pants office winter coat with ankle boots

Wear heels that are both chic and comfortable. Classic pumps are the timeless option for a classic look, though you may also opt for some shoes with low heels. They’re easy to walk in and won’t hurt your feet if you’re left standing while you wait for your interviewer. If heels aren’t an option, go for dressy flats or high-gloss patent leather loafers. If you’re in the colder months, wearing chic ankle boots with a structured coat is a perfect way to look polished at the same time comfortable, like fashion blogger Mary Orton did.

Your outfit shouldn’t speak louder than your qualifications.

monochromatic outfit with nude pumps trench duster coat with pants nude coat with olive green dress

The goal is for your potential employer to envision you fitting in with the team. If there’s any ambiguity about the length of your hemline, find something else. Remember, you should dress for the company, not for fashion. Is the company culture relaxed and laid back, or more traditionally corporate? Even if it’s casual, err on the side of caution and be conservative in your choices as you’re making a first impression, after all. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you can get a fashion-forward look at the same time interview appropriate with a chic pastel pink outfit in a decent style.

A neat and polished outfit will give you credibility.

button down shirt with dress pants structured coat with handbag fit and flare dress with classic pumps

Your interview outfit should be polished and sophisticated. Also, it should express your personality without being distracting. Think of carrying a structured bag with crisp, clean lines and accessible interior organization so you can smoothly reach for your résumé, portfolio, or notebook at any point in the interview without breaking your stride. On the contrary, a disorganized bag can hinder you as you’ll feel and look flustered digging through your bag for a pen or business card.

Wearing a piece that feels unique to you will differentiate you from the pack.  

tweed dress with sweater serenity blazer with straight leg pants fit and flare dress with blazer

A small, interesting pair of earrings, a striking print in a classic color, or pretty shade of lipstick can be great to appropriately differentiate yourself in even the most conservative environments. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for blue-colored blazer to add some flair to your neutral outfits while keeping everything stylish, perfect for creative offices. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to ace your interview while looking fashion-forward and chic.

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