Hot Ways to Wear Orange and Blue

If you ever get yourself stuck in a style rut, playing with unexpected color combinations is a great way to liven up your wardrobe. Orange and blue is one of the most unexpected color combinations to wear. Since orange is a bright color that attracts attention and blue is a complementary color, matching the two bold shades tones down the brightness and harmonizes another shade creating a chic look. Keep on reading for hot ways to wear orange and blue to create a perfectly balanced and stylish look.

blue dress with orange hat

orange dress with blue clutch orange dress with blue fur scarf and belt orange jacket with blue clutch

If you’re still unsure with mixing orange ensembles to blue ones, then you could go for the failsafe route of wearing orange and blue accessories together, having an orange outfit with blue accessories, or the other way around. Think of hats, fur scarves, silk scarves, sunglasses, bags, clutches, and even shoes that can add a pop of color to your outfit. Also, wearing an orange center piece surrounding with blue accessories lets your orange stand out even more. As a result, the attention is focused clearly on one shade while the other complements it yet at the same time there’s a healthy balance of the calmness of blue and the loudness of orange. If you feel the combinations are still too bold for your style, you may go for softer and lighter shades that will do the same trick.

denim jeans with orange and coat denim jeans with orange button down shirt leather jacket with denim shorts blue outfit with orange shirt

For a casual take on the creative color combination, you may go for a faded, near-denim washed shade of blue to be your base color and brighten it up with orange tops and outerwear. You don’t have to wear bold and dark blue to pair with orange if you don’t feel too as you can find more neutral shades of blue to look even better. Whether it’s an orange trench coat, cardigan, blazer, jacket, leather vest, off shoulder tops and other feminine blouses, just keep in mind that you also have to consider the balance and proportions to avoid looking sloppy and overdone. For instance, the sleek and tailored coat goes well with denim boyfriend jeans.

blue top with orange skirt color blocked outfit flared pants with orange blazer orange dress with blue blazer and bag

You may nail two trends at once by creating a stylish outfit in color blocked pieces. If you’re going for pieces in solid colors, just put a little texture on your solid colors to keep the interest going without being flashy. Whether it’s a fluffy fur, smooth leather, and shiny sequins, the texture does a lot of good in either dressing up or dressing down your overall style. With the right choices, you could pull off a feminine and chic looks in bold colors. Just polish your looks by accessorizing with muted accessories in pastel or neutral colors.

striped shirt with blue blazer orange skirt with blue button down shirt blue crop top with orange skirt blue coat with orange dress blue blouse with orange straight leg pants

For an easygoing style, you may mix your orange and blue colored ensembles through creative prints that have a hint of them. This way, you’ll trick the eye looking artistically creative rather than an intentional fashion faux pas. This color combination is already hot and bold, and wearing them in prints especially in fresh tint of hues will create a colorful and statement outfit. Wear a blue-printed top or bottom and slot in your orange. These styling ideas would work well in a dressy daytime look.





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