H&M – Silver/Gold Jewellery

I’ve been after a gold chain necklace for a long time and with H&M’s brilliant track record I knew I could count on them, unfortunately their jewellery overwhelmed me and I had to leave with six things (what am I like..). The only thing I would have liked to buy as well was a silver version of the chain necklace but couldn’t find one, any recommendations? 


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My jewellery collection is being overtaken with gold and rose gold and as of late I’m getting much more into silver so I thought I would get a few silver pieces, because some outfits just need silver rather than gold (you know what I mean). I realise these rings at a tiny £3.99 will most likely tarnish but I hope to get a good few wears out of them before then and you can never have enough rings, right? I strongly encourage a visit to the H&M jewellery section or have a look online here. Highstreet-wise my favourite jewellery pieces are always from them!

Hope you’re all well

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