Helena Glazer: How to Pick the Perfect Coat for Your Outfit

Coats are a timeless staple that keeps you look fashionable and warm during chilly days. A style blogger from New York and the mind behind the Brooklyn Blonde blog, Helena Glazer is known for her classic, simple, and monochromatic looks. Since her hometown Brooklyn has an incredible diversity of styles, it influenced her to pull her outfit together by watching people passes by while she’s sitting on a bench. Whether you’re onto trench coats, pea coats, robe coats, wool coats, or chesterfield coats, keep on reading for Helena’s tricks of picking the perfect coat for your outfit.

denim jeans with all black outfit

distressed denim with green tee and beige coat distressed jeans with black coat pastel blue coat with distressed jeans robe coat with distressed jeans

Throwing a sleek coat with your casual outfit has been the traditional way of dressing your denim jeans. However, since blue denim is now considered as a neutral, they’ll definitely go well with any color of coats you’ll be wearing, but blending the colors of your tops with the colors of your coat may be ideal. Like Helena, you may wear a black top with a black coat and a gray top with a gray coat. However, when wearing light colors on your top, pick the shades of pastel, and other lighter colors of coats that will blend with them instead of just picking a black coat as it’ll create a strong color contrast that may not be flattering to the eyes. Helena complemented her brightly colored shirt with a coat in muted shade of beige that created a more coordinating look.

camel coat with black dress and boots leather robe coat with knee high boots off white coat with over the knee boots red dress coat with feminine heels trench coat with striped dress

Wearing coats with skirts and dresses are great to look more elegant and chic. Also, you can wear some coats as a dress coat especially those chesterfield and pea coats made from stiffer and heavy fabrics. Trench coats and robe coats might only be great as toppers and are not good enough to be worn alone. Coats are great for giving you a great shape in shift and shapeless dresses through their stylish panels. Also, there are tailored or drapey styles of coats you may go for if you wish to accentuate or conceal your problem areas.

camel coat with structured bag gray coat with gray jeans leather trousers with leather coat red coat with red pants white outfit with cream coat

Though monochromatic look may not be the most fashionable style for you, but they always look elegant compared to outfits in different blocks of colors. Even though you’re wearing distressed jeans, as long as it matches the color of your coat it will still look polished and chic. Black, white, and gray seem to be the basic neutral shades that look elegant and classic. However, you may dress monochromatically in camel or olive green shade to channel some army or military look in a sophisticated way, while shades of red, purple, and pastel pink look more feminine and innocent.

green coat with polka dots top and jeans pink coat with black jeans pink coat with denim on denim outfit red coat with black pants and red quilted bag red coat with skinny jeans

You may opt for coats in bright colors for them to make a statement. Red, blue, purple, and subtle pink are quite smart and classic, while shades of green, yellow, hot pink, and orange sometimes look tacky. So be selective on your color preferences especially if you’re going to a more formal affair or party. Like Helena, add some pop of color to your denim on denim outfit with a hot pink coat, while bring some elegance on your casual outfit with a subtle pink color of your coat.

wool coat with chunky sweater and skinny jeans puffer coat with fur trims and skinny pants metallic sleeved coat with skinny pants leather trench coat with leather trousers fur coat with skinny pants

Wearing coats are also great for adding some texture in your outfit as some are available in fur, leather, tweed, cashmere, wool, and silk that are very touch-enticing and elegant. When wearing a classic trench coat with leather trims, you may want to wear a pair of leather trousers with to make your outfit look coordinated. After all, it’s your overall outfit that dictates whether you look fashionable or not. So be selective in picking the perfect coats for your looks.

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