Hairstyles For Gorgeous Long Hair


Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair is a dream come true  for those who had always kept theirs short. If you have longer locks, then you’re in for an endless choices of how-to’s when it comes to hairstyling.

1.) Bangs



You can have it on straight or curly hair. It is very advisable for women with huge foreheads.




2.) Layered locks

long layered wavy hairstyle

If you’re tired of curls, having wavy layers might be good for you. Keep hair maintained with anti-frizz products.

However, there are just too many hairstyle ideas that we can’t gather them up in just one piece.Instead, we came up with easy hairstyles for long hair. All you have to do is follow the instructions, take each step carefully, and remember all the tips.

3.) Sailor’s knot braid: Four strand braid



Divide hair into 4 sections and number them 1-4 from the left. 2) #1 over #2, #3 over #4. 3) #4 over #1. 4) Re-assign the numbers so that the section on the leftmost (originally #2) becomes #1. 5) Repeat from step 2


4.) Nicole Richie Hairdo

cute hairdo with braids

Make braids, twist them together, lift and wrap over head, and pin them in place. Voila! You have Nicole’s look.


5. Good Girl Garb


If you want to look neat, sleek, and impeccable to an occasion, this is the perfect hairstyle to try. Not only is it easy, it’s simple but classy too.


6. Curly Updoupdo for curly hair

Wouldn’t you want to look heavenly in this quick hairstyle? If your hair is naturally curly, you don’t have to spend time hauling hair around that curling iron.


7. Double Braid

the double braid updo

Loving messy updos? Here’s one style you will love as well. Just keep hairspray, bobbypins, and elastic band ready.

8. Bejewelled Updo


Who said headbands weren’t in for summer? Gather up hair for a high ponytail. Put on headband. Take portions of hair and pin them back into the base of the ponytail for a flowery bun look. You don’t need to be very prim and proper on this one. Messy updos are in and everybody loves it.

9. Milkmaid Style


This hairstyle is sweet and trendy. Even if your hair isn’t ombre or dip-dyed, it would still be a great choice for an updo. Great for women, regardless of age, career, and personal style.