Guide to Picking the Perfect Boots If You Have Wide Calves

For many women, boots are the perfect fashion accessory as they’re made to go with almost any look. However, for women with wide calves, choosing a perfect pair of boots can often be frustrating. A woman who has wide calves should take some additional points into consideration when shopping for boots for fashion purposes. So, before beginning the search for boots with wide calves, keep on reading for our ultimate guide.

Take your calf’s accurate measurements depending on your body frame.



Like the sizing of any clothing item, there is no standard description of a wide calf as opposed to an average or small calf. Because of that, you have to get an accurate measurement of your calf first, making your shopping easier. All that is needed is a measuring tape or a string and a ruler. Generally, the measurements of tall and average women will be based on the height of the boot relative to the length of the leg. Usually, the shaft of most boots is 14 to 15 inches from the bottom of the foot excluding the heels. So, you should measure the calf at that point. On the other hand, petite women, need to use a different method for calf measurement, depending on their body structure. This is because the shorter legs on petite women will result in a boot fitting at a different point on the leg. So, they should use the normal method of measuring 14 to 15 inches above the base of the foot.

Evaluate the measurements according to the size of boots.

ankle-boots-with-printed-outfit-and-chanel-bag retro-floral-top-witj-mid-calf-boots chelsea-boots-with-mesh-dress

Once the measurement of the calf has been taken, the next step is to evaluate what that number means according to the normal shoe sizing system. Narrow calves that measure 12 – 14 inches fall on 5 – 9 sizes, while medium calves that measure 14 – 15 inches fall between the sizes of 5.5 – 11. Wide calves that measure 16 – 18.25 inches fall in between 6 – 12 sizes, while extra wide calves that measure 17.5 – 20 inches fall in between 6 – 13WW.

Stretch your boots.

edgy-ankle-boots-with-tuxedo-blazer-and-edgy-skirt boots-with-printed-coat

Just in case your calf size is just a bit too big for the boot, rather than buying a wider boot, have leather boots stretched. This process can be completed by wearing the boots around until the boots naturally stretch or through a professional shoemaker. Shoemakers can place boots onto a boot stretcher and give the owner an extra inch of calf width which can be inexpensive as well.

Customize the boots for you.

fall-boots-with-robe-coat mid-calf-boots-with-sailor-blazer-and-skinny-scarf

Just in case you still cannot fit into even the widest boots on the market, have the boots customized for you. If you buy a high-quality leather boot with elastic gores located near the zipper, a shoemaker can expand those gores by up to 6 to 7 inches. The only other option is to have boots custom made, which can be expensive.

Think of the style of boots that will flatter your legs.

combat-boots-with-baroque-outfit ankle-boots-with-fringed-skirt-with-leather-jacket ankle-boots-with-chic-chiffon-dress

Boots can be classified into ankle, mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee. For women with wide calves, choosing an ankle boot is a great way to look more flattering as they’re stylish to give an elongated look to the lower body. However, the mid-calf choice can be the most dangerous for women with wide calves as they’re often cut off at the precise point that will make the calf look larger. If you really want to go with a mid-calf boot, choose flesh toned boots that will go a long way in helping to achieve that desired body line. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to pick the most flattering boots for you.

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