Gracia Ventus: Avant Garde Street Style

Are you looking for an extravagant, edgy, and eye-catching street style looks? Then, avant-garde fashion style is for you. Avant-garde is a creative way of leveling up your style through different and unique looks. But if you’re wondering on how to nail this look perfectly and flawlessly, let’s have an inspiration from a style blogger who mastered and personalized this style.

Based in Singapore, Gracia Ventus is the mind behind the style blog The Rosenrot. Her blog is a reflection of her creative and avant-garde street style in a feminist point of view and outfit experimentations. According to Gracia, her personal style can be described as a melting pot of cultures Western arts with Japanese philosophy, infused with her Southeast-Asian outlook. She is known for highlighting unconventional clothing choices and playing with textures and proportions in her everyday style.

black and white dress

layered coat brown layered coats unusual cut dress muted color structured dress layered top layered outfit

One of the skills you need to hone is a great eye for color combinations and design pairs. So, you’ll avoid looking foolish and sloppy but instead looking creative and original. Sometimes, avant-garde clothing styles are having sharp, modern lines, or a futuristic feel. A structured dress with an unusual design or cut can make a huge impact, even in a muted color. Layering ripped or unconventional cut fabrics, accented patterns and shapes, and vague colors are a great idea too. However, the avant-garde style suggests the craziest combinations, so be creative and have fun.

checkered sleeves in black coat contrasting monochrome fabrics contrasting color coat and pants colorful coat abstract print in black and white top

As what Gracia has stated, experimenting is another component of avant-garde style. It includes experimenting with fabrics, opting for different textures, varying in thickness, color combinations, and overall looks, which may be both creative and innovative. The use of contrasting colors can be formed in the most diverse combinations – such as pairing monochrome tones with vivid tones. Also, unusual patterns and bold colors make unique avant-garde clothing for women. Try for unique and classic patterns such as gingham, checkered, or even stripes. You may dress in a colorful abstract print dresses too. But when wearing highly artistic prints like multicolored dress, keep accessories minimal, hair and makeup simple so the look isn’t overdone.

orange painted boots bubble boots artistic boots

One of the simple ways for pulling off an avant-garde style is through accessories. Be creative by opting for some metallic elements and details such as silver and gold, oversized buttons and zippers may be a good idea as well. You may opt for an intangible painted shoes or boots for a statement. If you’re shy enough for this look, you may still go for minimalism, which suggests a minimum use of accessories. On the contrary, if you’re daring and bold, you may opt for an expressive and eye-catching shapes and elements such as paper, fabrics, and metal. This is a creative way that contributes to the concept of an avant-garde fashion, rather than just a creation of garments.

Avant garde street style is a fashion statement on its own through its artistic look, edgy style, and extreme impression. That’s the reason why the avant garde in a haute couture styles are also seen on the fashion shows and worn by style icons and celebrities. So, personalize this style in your personal preference. Surely, you’ll be a show stopper and a head turner as you walk on the streets.



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