Gin and Lime Juice Cocktail Recipe

gin and lime juice cocktail recipe

Alright, did you make it through the first week of work? Did it strangely seem like that string of days off was a month ago? I’m with you. So let’s have a drink – Gin and Lime Juice Cocktail !

I think this might be one of the prettiest drinks I’ve made in a while. It’s got a few sprigs of thyme, some sugar and lime and a good helping of gin to round things out. Speaking of gin, Aaron and I stocked up our liquor cabinet with a few staples and along the way picked up some of that new fangled Breuckelen Gin. We’re both suckers for a) Brooklyn-made goods and b) beautiful packaging which this bottle of booze has. We were delightfully surprised to taste how delicious it is! It’s not super heavy on the juniper (which I prefer) and it has nice citrus notes too. Yum! Cheers! To the start of a new year and many good things to come!

This Gin lime juice thyme cocktail inspired by hang thyme from mix shake stir recipe book
Gin and Lime Juice Cocktail recipe :

makes 1 cocktail

5 sprigs of thyme
2 oz gin, like Breuckelen Gin
1 oz lime juice
1 T sugar

Fill a rocks glass with ice and set aside.
In a cocktail shaker, muddle 4 sprigs of thyme until it starts to smell nice and lovely.
Add ice and the remaining ingredients to the shaker and shake vigorously.
Strain cocktail into the glass and garnish with the remaining sprig of thyme.

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