Get the New Yorker’s Style with Eva Chen

The editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen is a native New Yorker that is no stranger to the city’s fashion scene. According to her, New York Style means a lot of things as in the ’80s it means punk, while when she went to school on the Upper East Side it means perfectly polished. Indeed, fashion style is a constant sense of change and evolution. Though New Yorker’s style means everything in between, keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from a New Yorker and fashion editor.

  1. Wear your neutral ensembles modernly.

all gray outfit with wedge sandals

wool coat with dress and sneakers off shoulder dress with colorful sneakers black and white outfit with socks and boots

Neutral pieces like a button-down shirt, blazer, pencil skirt, and straight leg pants might sound too corporate yet versatile enough to dress up. Like Eva Chen, think of going for a monochromatic outfit consist of basic coat and matching set, but refresh it with a pair of wedge sandals. Also, think of trading your corporate pencil skirt with a leather cut-out style that will make your basic top modern yet effortless. Also, switching to a pair of sneakers to team with your to-go formal dress can also add some flair to your style, getting that effortlessly cool vibe of the New Yorkers.

  1. Incorporate some bright colors and loud prints to your style.

abstract print dress with boots quirky print dress with sneakers neon sweater with black skirt eva chen outfit with cut out boots cobalt blue matching set with sneakers

Eva knows how to spice up her style as she sometimes adds some pop of color to her looks with a neon colored sweater paired with a black skirt. Or, think of getting a brightly-colored or printed piece like Eva always does like going for a quirky print shirtdress or an abstract-print one that will add some expression of her individuality. Whether you’re a creative person, sophisticated woman, or a fashion-forward gal, make those colors and prints work for you.

  1. Layer like a pro.

layered outfit with ankle boots striped fur coat with structured bag silver skirt with layered top

If you think of wearing your coats with your casual outfits, try to make them look unique as soon as possible. Like Eva, think of going architectural, structured, or eccentric on your style to make your New Yorker’s look stylish yet creative. Sometimes, the key lies to creating contrasting fabrics, so be creative on your fabric choices. Those with glittery, fuss, frays, and fringes make a bold statement without trying too hard.

  1. Add some quirkiness to your style.

abstract print shirt with skirt varsity jacket with culottes andsocks and sandals statement sweater with mary jane shoes mesh skirt with black top

According to Eva, one of her style tips is to not be so serious. “I think there’s a lot of pressure to have a signature style, and to know what looks good on you all the time. But failing, trying different things, and looking slightly awkward is what helps you find out what looks good on you.” Like Eva, think of going for quirky details on your embellishments, accessories, prints, color combinations, as well as breaking some fashion rules. This way, you’ll get the New Yorker’s effortless look with a personalized twist. Indeed, trial and error create the best street style.

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