Get the Modern-Boho Looks with Dylana Suarez

Carefree, wild, and free-spirited, bohemian fashion is one of the most expressive styles you may go for that will make you more stylish and trendy. Southern California blogger who is now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dylana Suarez is known for her bohemian street style with a mix of modern, vintage, and classic twists. If you’re a fan of a carefree look but don’t want to look like coming from the 70s, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Trade your flared silhouettes with wide-leg structures.

black velvet jumpsuit

wide leg overalls with keyhole blouse sweater with denim culottes flared denim culottes with ruffled blouse

Wearing peasant tops and bell-sleeved blouses with your flared pants scream the looks of the 70s. So if you want to add some carefree yet more wearable look, think of going for wide-leg silhouettes. A pair of culottes, cropped jeans, and palazzo pants can be great to look carefree while keeping it a bit updated. Like Dylana, think of wearing a keyhole blouse with your denim overalls, or team your ruffled blouse with a pair of denim culottes that look a bit carefree yet trendy.

Mix modern ensembles with bohemian-inspired pieces.

bohemian blouse with skinny pants fringed dress with exgy shoes crochet dress with bandeau boho top with patent leather pants kimono with casual outfit retro floral full skirt with black top straight leg pants with boho blouse

Wearing bohemian pieces head-to-toe will make you look like coming from the seventies. So, balance your statement looks by wearing your bohemian pieces with modern ensembles that will keep everything sleek. Like Dylana, think of wearing your bohemian top with a pair of patent leather trousers over flared pants, or wearing your oxfords with a fringed dress over suede ankle boots. Add a modern twist to your crochet dresses by wearing structured, modern, and architectural tops underneath. Or, think of topping your casual outfit of tank top and denim shorts with a fringed kimono that will bring back the bohemian looks in you.

Incorporate bohemian accessories to your modern outfits.

bandana scarf with mustard dress and lace up shoes ripped jeans and sun hat with lace up sandals crochet dress with boho hat chiffon dress with leopard print belt

Cowboy hats, belt, riding boots, bandana scarf, suede bags, fringed bags and such are the trademark of the bohemian fashion. If you wish to get the modern look, simply opt for modern pieces and adorn them with bohemian accessories. Like Dylana, you may think of wearing a bohemian hat and lace-up shoes with your structured top and ripped jeans that will add some carefree vibe. Also, take advantage of bandana scarves that you can wear as a scarf, a headband, a tie, or even an accessory on your bag.

Modernize your bohemian outfits with trendy accessories.

strappy sandals with festival outfit sling clutch with bohemian outfit sandals with bohemian dress edgy loafers with boho outfit edgy boots with denim dress and plaid bohemian dress with edgy boots

If you’re a fan of bell sleeved tops, button-front skirts, peasant dresses, free-flowing outfits, retro floral matching sets, and puffy sleeved blouses, modernize them with trendy accessories. Prefer structured, architectural, and sculptural pieces that look modern that will dress up whatever outfit you’re wearing. Also, go for pointy leather boots over suede ones and structured bags over slouchy ones if you wish to modernize your bohemian outfits. This way, you’ll get a modern look while staying true to your bohemian fashion style.

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