Get Comfy with These Shopping Tips for High Heels

We’ve all been there:  red, painful and swollen feet after a couple of minutes on sky-high heels. While wearing high heels is more of a death sentence, we can’t help but buy these height-boosting shoes. Whether you wear heels for fashion or for work, here are some buying tips that can make you feel comfy and pain-free.

Timing is Everything

Shopping for heels is best done in the afternoon, when your feet are all stretched out. This will give you the chance to choose the best shoe size. For heels, this is usually half a size bigger than your actual shoe size.

shopping for high heels

It’s All About the Heel

One of the reasons why you suffer after a day of wearing high heels is the wrong heel placement. If it’s placed too far back, your weight will not be supported efficiently. Get the best support by wearing thicker heeled shoes.

taupe thick high heels

If you love stick-thin heels, then choose styles that plunge a few centimeters from the top.

olive green high heels nude high heels


See the Sole

Before buying a cute pair of heels, check the sole. Avoid those made of hard plastic or wood. For great comfort and stability, choose soles made of rubber or leather.

red leather sole louboutin black heels

Be Wise in Wedges

If you tend to wobble in heels, then go for wedges. Because of its wide heel, it offers more stability. Although wedges are secure yet stylish options, just make sure that the heels are not too narrow. Also see to it that the entire wedge heel touches the ground for maximum stability.

printed wedge heels

black wedge platforms

Be Pretty in Platforms (or at Least Emulate Them)

Platform heels are comfortable because of the padding it provides on the hard surfaces.  If you are not a fan of these heels, you can recreate the coziness in your other heels by placing a gel insole.

black platform heels yellow platform heels

Choose Security

If you find yourself slipping out of your heels every so often, then you will definitely have a hard (and painful) time walking in them. For this reason, you are better off with slingbacks, heeled boots or strappy sandals – since they keep your feet in place.

camel brown slingback

black strappy sandal

High heels might be beautiful – but they can punish your feet in the long run. As long as you are conscious of these shopping tips, you can have heels that make walking feel like a breeze.

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