Get a Relaxed Style This Winter with Danielle Bernstein

Winter season means having relaxed and functional outfits that can keep you warm and comfortable. However, there’s a fine line between looking relaxed and sloppy on your street looks. Mind behind the We Wore What blog, Danielle Bernstein is a native New Yorker style blogger known for her relaxed style that might inspire your winter outfits. So, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Go for a monochromatic dressing.

button down shirt with jeans and coat

zipped dress with camel fur coat winter white outfit with beanie

To avoid spending too much time in front of the mirror when deciding what to wear, go for a monochromatic dressing. To make everything easier, organize your closet in color coding scheme so it would be easy for you to select from your options. Try your best to find one in a light but muted color, so it can still work during the winter. Like Danielle, think of going all-white by wearing a pair of white jeans and white fisherman sweater together with a white pair of sneakers to partake with the winter white trend. Or, warm up the freezing temperatures with earth tone outfits of a zipped dress and a camel fur coat. Winter is full of dark, sad, and boring hues. So, if you don’t want to feel sad and lonesome like your outfits, then go for winter white.

Add some trendy pieces to your winter outfits.

chunky sweater with skinny jeans and gray coat pastel blue winter coat with flared pants pajama pants with winter jacket

Looking relaxed doesn’t mean forgoing trends as you can go for an oversized sweater that looks trendy at the same time relaxed, or a pair of pajama pants that can look perfect with a winter jacket like Danielle did. However, avoid extravagant, sparkly, and eye-catching pieces that will only make your street style over the top, therefore taking away the relaxed look you’re aiming for.

Add some feminine flair to your style in a relaxed way.

frilly dress with turtleneck sweater and ankle boots retro floral dress with jacket fitted sweater with suede boots and a-line skirt

Instead of going for body con dresses and fit and flare ones, resort to shift dresses that feel comfortable as well as A-line skirts and fitted sweaters. Like Danielle, you may opt for an a-line skirt teamed with a chic black sweater and winter boots, or simply opt for a frilly shift dress worn with a white top that will add some feminine flair to your winter style while keeping everything relaxed and cool.

Complete your winter looks with a fur coat.

white fur coat with all black outfit animal print fur coat with urban outfit oversized orange fur coat with all black outfit

Fur coats are an essential winter staple that can add some flair to your casual outfits. Like Danielle, think of an oversized mustard fur coat that looks cozy with your urban outfit of black top and leather trousers. Or, go bold with animal print fur coats that will make your winter style relaxed yet classy. By heeding these tricks from Danielle, you’ll be able to get that relaxed winter style in no time.

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