Get a Modern Urban Style This Fall with Jenny Tsang

Urban style is one of the edgiest and functional looks you can have this fall, especially if you’re living in the big city and get your way to the office through public transport. Mind behind the Tsangtastic blog, Jenny Tsang is a style blogger known for her modern urban style featuring architectural outfits, leather ensembles, and edgy-chic footwear that can inspire your fall looks to be more expressive. So, keep on reading to learn some tricks from her.

Keep your structured lines and sharp edges.


structured-coat-with-sneakers black-blazer-with-chic-flared-pants

Architectural silhouettes and sharp lines are some of the trademarks of modern style. Think of balancing your proportions if you’re not a fan of too boxy styles, especially crop tops, masculine jackets, and structured blazers. Like Jenny, you could wear a pair of boot cut pants but balance it with a modern0chic blazer. If you wish to go boxy with a pair of culottes and crop top, balance it with a bulky jacket and a pair of peep toe boots like Jenny did.

Resort to leather sneakers and architectural boots.

architectural-boots-with-lightweight-jumpsuit-and-beanie white-sneakers-with-cozy-knit-dress leather-sneakers-with-edgy-trousers-and-chiffon-blouse-with-skinny-scarf

If you’re living in the urban community, you probably spend most of your time walking so you have to get comfortable footwear. Since urban style is more of a functional over a stylish look, resort to a pair of canvas sneakers, leather sneakers, architectural boots, and even chunky boots to keep you comfortable yet fashionable. Like Jenny, you can complement your urban outfit of leather trousers and chiffon blouse with a pair of black leather sneakers.

Opt for modern styles of leather ensembles.

layered-sweater-with-button-down-shirt-and-modern-leather-skirt plaid-dress-with-modern-leather-jacket-and-fall-boots leather-culottes-with-modern-jacket

Biker jackets, leather trousers, leather pencil skirt, motorcycle jackets, and leather leggings are some of the most common urban pieces you usually see on the streets. So, it’s time to modernize your look by going for its more modern styles whether it’s more architectural, color-blocked, or even sharper in silhouettes. Like Jenny, you may opt for a biker jacket, but go for a modern style just like a biker in two-neutral tones, featuring quilts on the sleeves that can spice up your printed dress. Or, go for boxy leather culottes, asymmetric skirts, and curved hems on your bottoms that can add some modern vibe to your street style.

Opt for lightweight coats, vests, and blazers.

free-flowing-military-vest-with-structured-boots culottes-and-black-tank-top-with-lightweight-blue-coat-and-choker striped-blazer-with-all-black-urban-outfit

Though going for more structured pieces can make your style more modern, sometimes it’s all about the balance, especially if you’re already wearing a structured outfit. This time, soften your edges with lightweight coats, tops, and blazers. Like Jenny, you’ll look edgy at the same time fall inspired with a lightweight military vest teamed with chunky boots. By heeding these simple tricks from Jenny, you’ll be able to make your urban style more modern and fashion-forward.

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