Get a Grunge Style This Fall with Oksana Orehhova

Edgy, wild, and expressive, grunge style is one of the stylish looks of the past that’s making a comeback. Fashion blogger and model from Estonia, Oksana Orehhova is known for her grunge style featuring plaid shirts, graphic tee, distressed jeans, and combat boots on her street style that might inspire your fall looks. So, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Incorporate plaid shirts into your look.


plaid-short-with-high-waist-denim-short-and-grunge-boots plaid-shirt-with-leather-trousers-and-sneakers

The plaid flannel shirts are laid-back, careless and utterly unfashionable, making it perfect for grunge looks. Designer labels in the late ’70s and early ’80s loved the plaid, so you can work the pattern in your fall style in more interesting colors and styles. Like Oksana, team your plaid shirt with a pair of leather trousers and sneakers that look edgy, or crop it by knotting the ends of your shirt to make it work with a pair of high-waist shorts.

Resort to faded and shredded jeans.

distressed-shorts-with-bandeau-top-and-bomber-jacket graphic-mesh-top-with-distressed-romperfrayed-shorts-with-bodysuit-and-mercury-sunglasses

Ragged clothing reflects the interesting aspects of the ’90s grunge look. Historically, damaged clothing doesn’t make the fashion pages, but over the last decade, some designers have challenged that, showing shredded tops and slashed-up dresses that hint at grunge as high-fashion. However, this isn’t about looking sloppy as the shredded jeans can turn heads as long as the tears are interestingly placed, and holes act as counterpoints to an otherwise sleek ensemble. Like Oksana, team your ripped cut-off shorts with a black bodysuit to add some sexy feel to your edgy style.

Add some edge with biker vest and jackets.

biker-jacket-with-leather-skirt-and-sneakersleather-biker-jacket-with-neoprene-dress-and-high-socks-with-sneakers sweater-and-asymmetric-skirt-with-leather-biker-jacket

Grunge had a way of making black leather look more careless than tough, even with the punk-remnant studs that sometimes spattered cuffs and collars. One of the easiest grunge elements to incorporate into a modern look, biker-style jacket or vest is a stylish and functional outerwear this season. Like Oksana, look edgy at the same time cozy with a biker jacket topped to your sweater and asymmetric skirt. Or, make your neoprene dress more edgy with a leather jacket worn with high socks and slip-on sneakers.

Look effortlessly cool with grunge boots or Doc Marten boots.

studded-doc-marten-boots-with-leather-skirt-and-high-socks cut-out-boots-with-casual-chic-outfit combat-boots-with-high-waist-shorts-and-cropped-tee

Regardless of your outfit, grunge boots and Doc Marten boots add some grunge feel to your style. They’re cool and went with everything from girly floral dress to casual jeans and tees. Combat boots, then, may not fit your current, presumably more refined style. To hint at combat without weighing down your look, keep the black and the laces, and tone down the ugly. Or, be inspired by Oksana’s look, wearing studded leather skirt with studded Doc Marten boots that add some chic spin to the edgy grunge look. Indeed, grunge style is one of the expressive looks to get this fall that will turn heads.

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