Get a Cool Street Style This Fall with Valerie Husemann

Looking cool is one of the most challenging looks to pull off especially if you’re used to wearing chic dresses and feminine skirts. However, a cool street style doesn’t mean you have to forgo your feminine ensembles as there are a plenty of ways to rock the look. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Valerie Husemann is a style blogger behind the Simple et Chic blog known for her cool street style that might inspire you this fall. So, keep on reading to get some tricks from her.

Resort to a pair of sneakers to add some cool vibe to your outfits.


striped-sweater-with-olive-green-pants-and-sneakers sneakers-with-breezy-top-and-red-pants

A pair of sneakers can instantly dress down your favorite dress and feminine skirts, and it paired well with casual jeans and overalls. Like Valerie, think of wearing a pair of canvas sneakers with your bold colored straight-leg pants and breezy top, or team it with your striped sweater and skinny jeans making it more effortless. A chic pullover can be great when worn with denim overalls, especially with white sneakers that you might want to consider wearing this season like Valerie did.

Incorporate relaxed sweaters to your sophisticated outfits.

structured-skirt-with-turtleneck-sweater-and-shawl pink-sweater-with-white-culottes-and-suede-pumps lightweight-sweater-with-silk-scarf-and-crop-pants-with-loafers

Sweaters may be worn great with tracksuits and sweatpants, but they can be great when worn with chic ensembles as well. Like Valerie, think of wearing a pastel pink turtleneck sweater with your structured skirt that looks chic and effortless. Or, add some classy touch with a silk scarf worn with a lightweight sweater, straight-leg pants, and loafers. You may also go for feminine shades of sweaters like pink, pastel blue, lavender and such that can add some cool yet chic vibe to your everyday style like Valerie did.

Wear a pair of fall boots with your dress.

boho-dress-with-vest-and-boots navy-shirtdress-with-midcalf-boots boho-dress-with-suede-boots

A pair of boots can make anything effortless and edgy. Like Valerie, think of wearing your fall boots with your chic dresses to make them work on casual weekends. A tribal-inspired dress teamed with suede ankle boots screams bohemian, while a button-down shirtdress teamed with leather mid-calf boots looks urban-inspired. Just go for a pair of boots that can alter your fashion statement. Generally, suede boots are associated to bohemian styles while leather boots scream the edginess of the urban style, and velvet boots are perfect from minimalist to classic looks.

Embrace relaxed silhouettes on your street style.

shawl-with-button-front-denim-skirt-and-black-sweater leggings-with-oversized-top-and-shawl gray-jumpsuit-with-heels

Relaxed silhouettes like a free-flowing dress, loose top, chunky sweater, full skirt and such add some cool vibe to your street style. Like Valerie, you may think of a relaxed jumpsuit that still looks effortless yet chic, perfect for your Sunday brunches and creative office outfit, while plain tees, leggings, and shawls are best reserved for casual weekends. Indeed, it’s just easy to get a cool street style as long as you keep everything comfortable and effortless.

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