Gabi Gregg: Style Inspiration for Full Figured Women

Regardless of their measurements, many fashion-minded style bloggers established trends to guide their readers to fashion and style preferences that flatter them. However, in the world of plus-size fashion, fuller-figured women tend to play “safe”. You may want to look at Gabi Gregg’s profile to spark some inspiration for dressing your curvier frames of the body.

Gabi Gregg, a blogger and plus-sized fashion advocate, is a champion of body diversity. Her style blog Gabi Fresh gained Internet notoriety by motivating plus-size women to accept their shape and wear what she calls “fatkinis” — alluring two-piece swimsuits that flaunt fuller-figure bodies rather than shaming them. At this point, Gabi has collaborated with swimwear website “Swimsuits for All” intended for the plus-size group, ranging from sizes 10 to 24. Gabi’s personal style is a balance of femininity, loud prints, dark colors, and sharp edges. As the skilled fashion advice giver, she advises her fellow plus-size women to wear their clothes confidently to change their entire demeanor.

red coat dress gabi gregg

black romper gabi gregg black with color prints dress gabi gregg monochrome dress gabi gregg
One of the best and most reliable ways to look leaner is to wear dark colors since it is an amazing tool to hide weight. A complementing color can make your skin tone glow while the unsuitable one can make you look pale and washed-out. You can go for monochromatic tones – different shades of one color – like the color blend of chocolate brown, beige, and chestnut brown. The color black can be chic and safe, but make sure you insert a pop of color into every ensemble. Color will delight you up and make you stand out. So have fun with neon colors, pastel hues, and vivid shades. Always remember the rule: dark colors conceal, while light colors spotlight.

jacket in denim gabi gregg maxi dress gabi gregg crop top colorful pants gabi gregg duster coat gabi gregg crop top gabi gregg coat gabi gregg
If you are often told to go for longer clothes or to cover-up your body let this piece of advice quickly slip your mind. Because the more you cover-up your lumps and bumps are, the more they become obvious. Short shorts, sheer tops, and more are all excellent ways to enable some skin to be seen; but, cover-ups like jackets and dress coats may also look good in giving an illusion of a slender waist. Gabi Gregg sparked some inspiration in dressing her heavy frame and looked good. She managed to wear some tacky cover-ups like leather jackets and dress coats but blended on her fuller figure giving off a chic and sophisticated look. Now you may not be able to carry yourself to do that, but realize there is no reason why you need to be hiding under long sleeves and pants.

colorful pattern top gabi gregg white jacket in floral dress gabi gregg dress prints gabi gregg  floral dress gabi gregg orange dress gabi gregg
Inject some pattern and prints to your wardrobe. Avoid horizontal lines. Stripes are fine on plus-size outfits if they are diagonal or vertical. So, pick clothes with strong vertical styles and details as they draw the eye upwards and downwards and create an illusion of a leaner figure. If you want to look greater in the bust area, horizontal stripes will boost the bust line. Don’t put ruffles on anything you want to look reduced. Rather, do put them on areas you want to highlight. This implies that anyone looking at you will be drawn to the area of focus. The rule is: big patterns will make you look bigger while small patterns can make you look smaller.
Being obese doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! All it takes is a little know-how and a balanced dose of confidence. Looking great is not from your clothing labels, but about dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel relaxed and displays your best assets. It’s time to use your style to make the most of your shape.

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