Fun Fashion DIYs to Keep You Chic and Busy this Summer

Summer’s such a great time to do fun stuff, especially with your best friends. If you’re looking for something that you can do right in the comfort of your own home, why not make fashion DIYs? These won’t only make you look fab, they can take your boredom away as well! Check out these fun fashion DIYs to keep you chic and busy this summer.

  • Flower crown headbands – flower crown headbands are all the rage this summer. They’re cute and they give any outfit that feminine, ethereal look. With just a few materials, you can make your own flower crown headbands at home. Here’s a tutorial  on how it is done. You can also follow the step by step photo guide below for another variation.

updo with flower crown

flower crown diy full flower crown cute daisy flower crown blue roses flower crown

  • Embellished sunnies – if there’s one accessory you shouldn’t be without during the summer, it’s sunglasses. Aside from giving you that cool girl look, sunnies also protect your eyes from the harsh sun. If you want to look unique, though, don’t just settle for plain sunglasses. Try making embellished sunglasses with the help of this tutorial or by following the step by step photo below and see how much cooler you’ll be looking with those unique stunners.

bejeweled shades colorful embellished shades fancy vintage embellished shades embellished sunglasses diy lovely floral shades

  • T-shirt crafting – plain shirts are so mainstream and common for summer because they’re really comfy and easy to mix and match other pieces with but they can get a little boring sometimes. Give your old shirts a new, kick ass look by doing t-shirt cutouts. You can also try t-shirt braiding to give it more texture and detail. Unless you’ve already really gotten the hang of making these t-shirt crafts, do them on old shirts. Here’s a tutorial to get you started.

cute tshirt cutout diy tshirt cut out peace sign muscle tank diy braided shirt diy braided tshirt craft

  • DIY beach tote – headed to the beach but can’t find a tote that’s large enough to hold everything you need to bring? Instead of buying a new one that you’ll probably end up using once or twice, why not make your own? Here’s a really easy tutorial on how to make a super chic beach bag.

two tone beach tote printed beach tote stripes beach tote polka dot beach tote

  • Colorful bracelets – arm candies are still hot so that’s a good excuse to keep adding stuff to your arm candy collection. Those loom bands are everywhere but, let’s be honest here, they aren’t exactly chic and fab, are they? Though they look perfect for summer because they’re colorful, they’re something that I think would look good only on kids. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear colorful bracelets, though. You just have to wear yours with more glam. Here’s a tutorial for you to help you out with stocking up on your arm candies this summer.

arm candy feast colorful summer bracelets tribal pattern bracelets

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