Fun Fashion DIYs for the Frugal Fashionista

Being a fashionista comes with a price but that doesn’t mean you always have to pay it in full. Looking good doesn’t always require you to buy that latest and hottest releases from designer brands. Sometimes, all it takes to complete a chic look is some creativity and a little DIYing. If you love fashion but hate blowing up some serious cash, check out these fun fashion DIYs for the frugal fashionista and try making them at home.

  • CHOKER COLLAR – add some serious glam to a simple, strapless top by popping on this gorgeous chocker collar made from an old button up shirt’s collar and embellished with something fancy in the middle. You can ransack your gran’s closet for some vintage buttons or you can use something else like a faux gem or maybe some studs. You can also wear this with crew neck shirts and jumpers for a quick pop of glam or with just about anything, really, if you want to give it a preppy twist. Here’s the tutorial.

choker collar and jumper outfit

choker collar outfit choker collar

  • FLASH TATTOOS – flash tattoos make great accessories but it’s pretty difficult to find one that really suits the look you’re going for all the time so why not make your own? Here’s a video tutorial on how you can make your own temporary / flash tattoos.

flash tattoo on the back flash tattoo wild child flash tattoo

  • ARM-KNITTED INFINITY SCARF – for all the ladies out there who love knitted stuff, here’s a really fun DIY (tutorial here) to make when you want your hands to be productive while watching TV or just sitting down doing nothing. It’s quite tricky to begin with but as you get the hang of it, things get a lot easier. The scarf you make with this method is chunky and super warm which is perfect for wintertime.

infinity scarf infinity scarf outfit infinity scarf in gray

  • BALLERINA SHOES – why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes when you can make one that looks like it for less than half the price? Ballerina shoes are all the rage right now and the Mandalaye flats by Jessica Simpson is one of the most popular today but they’re quite pricey so we searched for ways to get gorgeous looking shoes like those without blowing off too much cash and we found this tutorial! What’s great about making your own ballerina shoes is that you get to really personalize the style and make it your own. PS: you can do this to heels as well!

ballerina flats in black ballerina flats inspiration

  • EMBELLISHED BRAS – you know how there are some tops that are so loose or big that you need to wear something underneath to cover you up because then otherwise your bra would just show and it’s not a very pretty sight? Well, some girls like wearing those tube tops underneath those but if you’re looking for something sexier and edgier and something that you wouldn’t have to buy, why not just make embellished bras? Studs made great embellishments on these but you can definitely use other stuff, too, like sequins or pearls or spikes or whatever you like. Check out this tutorial.

embellished bra with spikes embellished bra outfit embellished bra beyonce

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