Fun and Exciting Ways to Wear Neon

Neon is one of summer’s hottest trends and we’re already seeing lots of these beautiful colors in our favorite stores. Some women are overwhelmed by anything neon because it’s not really something we see on everyday ordinary outfits. Neon colors are loud and bold and they’re one of the best ways to make a great summer statement. They’re also perfect for adding a generous splash of color to a plain and simple outfit. There are so many fun and vibrant neon colors out there that you can sport and each one is guaranteed to make your outfit look more exciting and summery. Believe it or not, anyone can pull off a neon item or two in their outfit and that includes you. Here are some fun and exciting ways to wear neon for summer.

  • One at a time – if you’re putting off wearing neon this summer because you’re overwhelmed by the bright and fluorescent colors, you can start off by wearing a small piece of clothing item or accessory in neon and then eventually moving up into wearing neon colors on clothes. Make sure to wear one neon color at a time so you don’t go overboard. If you’ve mastered the basics of wearing neon, then you can mix two neon colors together but that’s about it. Two neon colors in one outfit should be the limit you set for yourself so your outfit remains stylish instead of funny and / or tacky.

bright neon top

pink neon dress piping

  • Carry a bright neon purse – if you’re a newbie at wearing neon colors and you aren’t confident enough to wear neon clothes yet, you can start off by carrying a fun and bright neon purse instead. This is also one of the best ways to incorporate neon into your outfit without it standing out too much or being too loud or too bold. A neon purse is a great piece to carry around if you want to liven up a plain and simple outfit.

neon summer purse matching neon yellow purse and top

  • Accessorize with neon – a really good way to incorporate neon colors into your outfit is to wear neon accessories. Doing this lets you wear as much or as little neon colors as you would like, depending on how comfortable you are with the colors.

fun neon summer accessories all neon accessories

  • Sport neon workout clothes and gear – for some women, wearing cute clothes while working out gets them motivated to do more and push themselves more. If you’re like this, you’ll probably get a kick out of wearing neon workout clothes. You’re sure to look stylish while you burn off those extra fats and everyone will surely notice you right away! Finding neon workout gear shouldn’t be a problem for you, too, since lots of good brands have an extensive line on neon-colored exercise clothes and equipment, from sports bras to leggings to shoes and even workout mats.

workout gear in neon neon workout shoes

  • Walk in neon shoes – need something that will give a plain and simple outfit that ‘oomph’? Try finishing off your outfit with neon shoes. You can rely on neon shoes to give any outfit a livelier and more exciting look without having to worry about going overboard.

pop of green neon shoes neon shoes and plain outfit

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