Fresh Ways to Wear Pearls

Whether freshwater or artificial, pearls have been a favorite adornment for all types of people including U.S. first ladies, executives, brides, monarchs, and even celebrities all over the world for centuries. Indeed, pearls never go out of style and have the power to bring out the beauty in those who wear them, no matter how they are worn. With so many creative options for working pearls into daily styles, they can still get a stale looking. Looking for inspiration to spice up your style, keep on reading for fresh ways to wear pearls.

pearl sunglasses strand

pearl sunnies with red outfit

When wearing your sunglasses, why not be creative to use pearls to adorn your chic eyewear? Instead of wearing a pair of boring rounded sunnies, try to decorate your eyewear’s frame with pearls that look cute but still chic. Also, instead of using a boring rubber strand to keep your sunglasses in place, you can be creative by making a long strand of pearls instead. This way, you’re making every piece of your accessories more fashionable and statement making.

black pearl clutch pearl clutch Kendall Jenner pearl clutch with black and white outfit

Oversized pearls have been spotted everywhere. So, when going for formal parties and girls’ night out, look for a pearl clutch that’s more chic and unique. Though rare, these kinds of pearl clutches are more elegant and fashionable than traditional ones with box-like styles in metallic trims. Be a head turner with this simple accessory you carry all night long.

pearl necklace with casual chic outfit pearl necklace with all white outfit

When looking for necklaces, instead of sticking to traditional strands of pearls, look for modern styles to make a fashion statement. Oversized pearl as a pendant a thin necklace and an open-ring necklace styles are modern accessories that can surely spice up your basic looks. It’s not just about the oversized pearl necklaces as oversized pearls are showing up in bracelets and rings as well.

layered pearl necklace with sexy dress oversized pearl necklace with white dress stacked pearl bracelets with maxidress

Though traditionally worn as a single strand on necklaces and bracelet to channel sophisticated and classic style, make these pearls modern by wearing multiple strands of pearls or pairing them with edgier accessories. Multi-strand pearl necklaces imbue any outfit with a classical touch but a dramatic statement. You may create a cluster pearl necklace style or look like they are tied like a scarf. Tying together multiple pearl chains of the same length in a tassel-style knot with tails is another modern trick to work pearls into an edgy outfit. Pearl necklaces come in several standard sizes so strands need not be a perfect match. Just layer them intentionally to create a contrasting style that has a stunning effect. Funk up your pearl necklaces or bracelets by stacking them with other jewelry like gold and silver to make them look more modern. Contrasting a pearl bracelet with a bunch of bangles can be a great way to bring out the beauty of the gemstones.

black pearl dress pearl collared dress pearl strap in white dress tube pearl dress white gown with pearls white pearl dress with black heels white pearl dress white pearls in black dress feminine blouse with cute hat pearl crop top with maxi skirt

Statement pearls are not only in accessories but can now be seen in dresses. When the style is more about the pearls than the backdrop of your dress, your dress itself makes a statement. In this case, go for more muted accessories or if you may, don’t wear any jewelry at all. Also, pearl collars present in dresses must be the statement itself so you don’t need to wear earrings or necklaces anymore or else you’ll just overdo your look.

Being creative means experimenting new styles and in new ways. Rather than sticking to traditional use of your pearl accessories, wear them in a creative and unusual way just like wearing a long strand of pearl necklace as a belt to cinch your waist. This way, your pearl accessories will always be timeless and trendy.


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