Formulas for Fashionable Outfits

We might hate math, but there is one thing we can’t deny: some formulas can help you achieve a trendier, chicer look. Create an accurately stylish look with these formulas for fashionable outfits.

The Formula for Layering Clothes

The right style of layering clothes is essential if you want to create fashionable outfits. When doing so, the most important things to consider are the slimness and the weight of the clothes.

layered outfit

You need not worry about the sleeve length. Remember, the only times you need to mind it is if the layering makes it a) hard for your elbows to move or b) makes you look like you have steroid-fueled biceps.

layered outfit with sleeves

The Formula for Cropped Pants

The perfect length for cropped pants is essential for fashionable outfits. In order to get the right length, you need to determine the skinniest part of your legs. It is usually located a few inches above your ankles. For best results, crop your pants in such a way that the end is an inch above the slimmest part of your ankles.

jessica alba cropped pants black cropped pants

The Formula for Mixing Prints

Mixing prints can help you create fashionable outfits. However, a lot of prints can make you look like an abstract painting gone wrong. So before you mix your prints, remember these style equations:

2 types of prints: no solid color needed

3 types of prints: 1 solid color needed

4 (or more) types of prints: 2 solid colors needed

olivia palermo printed outfit printed outfits printed suit

The Formula for Necklaces

With the many stylish necklaces out there, you might be asking yourself what is the best length for your fashionable outfits? There are actually two answers:

One, it should be an inch above your neckline so that it rests on your chest.

short necklace

Another option is a necklace one inch longer than the neckline, so that it rests on your top.

statement necklace

While these rules apply to most necklaces, an exception is the thin necklace. Because of its subtle appearance, you don’t have to worry about the perfect length for your fashionable outfits.

thin necklaces

The Formula for Rings

The more, the merrier holds true for fashionable outfits. But when it comes to ring stacking, there are several things you need to consider in order to get a perfect look. Here are the steps:

  1. Separate your centerpiece rings from the accent rings.
  2. Determine your non-dominant hand from the dominant hand. The latter should have the lesser number of rings.
  3. Place the centerpiece rings near the center of your hand. These should occupy either the ring, middle, or pointer rings.
  4. Place the accent rings in such a way that they fame and support the centerpiece rings.

stacked rings stacked silver rings

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